Infographic: Benefits of Using Animations to Market Your Business

Video continues to reign supreme in terms of online content. Regardless of your interests, there’s sure to be a video and more than likely a rabbit hole of content you can dive into on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and many other sites. Not only does video have serious value as a way to communicate ideas and your brand messaging, it’s also got serious sharing power and is considered the media most likely to go viral: 92% of mobile video consumers wind up sharing a video they liked.

In 2020, the niche of animated videos is in a growth phase with many people turning to animation due to its cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, and its endless customisability. Compared to your standard videos, especially those big-budget glossy advertising campaigns, animations are slick and sophisticated yet have a streamlined production process.

Put bluntly: the return on investment for animated videos far surpasses how simple they are in comparison to almost every other kind of video. Dana Kachan unpacks their unique selling point even further saying, “You can demonstrate your product features, zoom almost invisible components, show contexts in which your product can help people, and (what’s most important) reveal your brand style and remarkable personality in an animated video.”

What Makes Animations So Effective for Marketing?

In this article, we’ll be looking in more detail at exactly what makes animations so effective as a video type to sell an idea, service or product and successfully market your business!


First things first, when you have lean budgets and are facing challenging circumstances, such as working remotely, animations can still deliver bang for your buck. In addition to having the ability to produce your desired media, you’re also able to do it safely and without reliance on unpredictable factors such as weather, studio availability, talent, and much, much more.

This simplification of the production process also frees you up to focus on the content itself and how it will be used in your marketing. The most effective animated videos tell a story or convey an idea in a way that surprises and delights the user. Regardless of if you use a template program for the video or work with a company, you will be able to produce a video far more simply than with traditional video.

Compelling & Entertaining

Wyzowl reports that 73% of people who watch an explainer video are more likely to make a purchase. This rings true in many circumstances including one of the most famous examples of all time: the cloud software start-up DropBox embedded an explainer video on their homepage and reaped the benefits immediately. According to Crackitt, this ‘most-valued player’ animated video, “Drove 10% conversion leading to 10 million extra customers that yielded an ROI of $48,000,000 in extra revenue.”

The beauty of all types of animated videos is that they’re a highly visual and extraordinarily accessible way to keep a user’s attention while communicating essential information. What’s more, they meaningfully and memorably help you win over customers in 60 to 90 seconds flat.


Our last point is that animated explainers rarely become dated as they’re designed to have an accessible, graphic style that’s naturally inclusive and can be watched across most devices. The non-negotiables rules for making an animation that drives revenue is to ensure that the concept and storytelling is high calibre, to work with professionals if it’s going to be a sales funnel, and to incorporate update capabilities into the design.

One reason for the ongoing success of the DropBox explainer is that they continually revise and improve the video. When you have a winning formula, you’re well-positioned to build upon what you’ve done, so it’s a refresh rather than a redo. A final comment on this is that it’s exceptionally difficult to update a classic video — you’d do just as well to devise and shoot a whole new video.

Where to from here? Start Marketing with Animations

To learn more, check out this infographic One Productions produced about the ‘Benefits of Using Animations to Market Your Business’. Read on for the full infographic including extra tips about the places you can try sharing animated videos to hit your marketing (and growth!) targets and all the different types of animated videos out there.


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