HTC One Max Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Best Speciality Mobile: The HTC One Max Or The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom?

There are many people who wonder which phone is better: the HTC One Max or the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.  These two phones offer you different specs, benefits and drawbacks.  You will need to consider all of this before you look at which one is better.  You also have to consider that the phone you think is better might not be the one that someone else feels is better.  People look for different things in their phones and you need to determine what you want most, and which phone offers it to you.

HTC One Max Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
HTC One Max Vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Phone Design

The first point that you have to consider when you compare the HTC One Max and the S4 Zoom is the design.  The overall design of the HTC One Max is reminiscent of the HTC One, only larger.  The S4 Zoom has a very unique design.

The S4 Zoom has a front section that looks like the other S series phones from Samsung.  However, the back of the phone is a different issue.  The back of the phone looks more like a point and shoot camera with an optical lens and a grip for you hold onto.  This design can cause some problems since it is back heavy, and the back is not flat.  You could have a hard time holding onto the phone and figuring out where you should be putting your fingers.

The HTC One Max is almost 2 inches longer than the S4 Zoom, which could also make it a bit hard to hold onto.  The HTC One Max is also wider, but not thicker than the S4 Zoom.  The phones actually have a similar weight because of the lens that the S4 Zoom sports.

The material that makes up the phones is different and you have to consider this.  The HTC One Max is made with aluminium like the HTC One.  However, the S4 Zoom is made with polycarbonate, which is the same material that the other Samsung phones have been made with. Many feel the HTC is more priceless than premium. It is certainly a dreamy looking and feeling phone.

The Screen and Display

The screens and displays that you get with the phones are as different as their designs.  The HTC One Max has a larger screen, and given the dimensions of the phone this is to be expected.  The HTC One Max offers a 5.9 inch screen, which is a monster compared to the 4.3 inch screen that you get with the S4 Zoom.

The resolution of the screen on the S4 Zoom is lower than the HTC One Max.  The S4 Zoom offers 540 by 960 pixels compared to 1080 by 1920.  This also relates to the pixel density being much lower with the S4 Zoom.  The density for the S4 Zoom is 256ppi while the HTC One Max offers a density of 373ppi; very impressive for such a large screen.

This means that you are going to be seeing better detail with the screen on the HTC One Max.  Of course, the S4 Zoom does have a good screen and the colours are represented very well.  The problem is that you could find some of the details in the visuals being slightly less clear when compared to the HTC One Max.

The Camera

When you look at the camera you get with the phones on paper you would state that the S4 Zoom offers the better experience.  This is true on paper and in practice as the S4 Zoom is on par with many of the compact cameras that you are able to get.  The HTC One Max is not quite at this level, but still offers a fair camera experience.

The S4 Zoom offers a 16 megapixel camera with Xenon LED flash.  The HTC One Max offers a 4 megapixel camera which has been enhanced with the UltraPixel technology and a standard LED flash.  The higher specs of the hardware in the S4 Zoom already place it ahead of the HTC One Max, even despite the excellent software that the HTC phone offers.

The camera application on the HTC One Max does not have the versatility that you find with the S4 Zoom.  You are also not going to get the dedicated camera button on the outside of edging of the phone.  The S4 Zoom offers a number of features and functions that you are not able to get with the HTC One Max.

Dialling through the options on the camera interface with the S4 Zoom can be done in a number of different ways.  One of the new ways that this can be done is through the use of the lens ring.  You can also use the lens ring to access the camera interface when you want to take a picture.

The Hardware and Storage

The ‘power’ hardware that you get with the HTC One max is better than the hardware that you get with the S4 Zoom.  The processor in the HTC One Max is a quad-core, while the S4 Zoom ships with a dual-core.  The HTC One Max also has better RAM than the S4 Zoom with 2GB instead of 1GB.

When it comes to the memory storage that you can get you will find that the HTC One max has more to offer.  The HTC One Max comes with 16GB of internal storage while the S4 Zoom offers 8GB of internal storage.  Both of these phones have a micro SD card slot, which allows you to expand the storage.  They also both work with up to 64GB of extra storage.  The HTC One Max will still have more storage if you use the microSD card because of the larger amounts of internal storage that the phone comes with.

If you are looking at a speciality phone then you might want to consider the HTC One Max or the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.  These two phones have a lot to offer and you need to consider which one can give you what you need.  Of course, you will have to first determine what it is that you need from the phone before you can make the decision about which one you are going to be buying.

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