Artificial Intelligence

Is AI Making Inroads into Revolutionizing How Digital Marketing is done?

The unprecedented progress taking place in the field of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ (AI) is quite promising. It tells a lot about how future will look like given that many prominent companies are setting up R&D facilities in order to reap benefits using profound potential of AI. Microsoft and Apple are partnering to create the real-world applications […]

Internet Connection

How to Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection Wisely?

Slow internet is frustrating and if your work is internet dependent, it will also affect your productivity. A poorly performing internet connection can be a result of a poorly configured broadband router, DNS server error or simply the ISP (Internet Service Provider) may not be offering the promised speed. I have jotted down a few […]

Cyber and Network Security

Check out These Five Major Hacks That Impacted You This Year

Looking at the present situation, it’s safe to believe that each one of us has been suffering through the privacy and security issues. Today everyone is vulnerable about sharing sensitive information like passwords and numbers online. Your data like credit card numbers and other details are almost stored in few companies. When they get hacked, […]


Must Have Latest and Cool Gadgets for Your Office

Are you looking to spruce and update your office? Well, one of the easiest ways that you can make your office the envy of others is to update it with all of the latest and cool gadgets! Adding new technology to your office is the perfect way to increase your staff productivity and inspire them […]