Website Speed

Tips to Optimize Your Website Speed for Better Sales

Your website is the face of your business in the digital world and it needs to be fantastic in every aspect to drive viewers. A great website is not only about looks and design but other factors like speed and performance equally matter. These can result in higher conversions, which ultimately bring more sales. SEO agency in Los Angeles brings to you some useful tips on how you can optimize the website speed.

Website Speed

How You Can Improve Your Website Speed

Talking about the speed aspect, there are different things that you can do to optimize it. From testing to reviving, it takes times and patience to work on your website speed. Let’s get started with the process.

Testing Website’s Speed

Speed your Site

In the first place, the suggestion is to utilize a reliable site speed test tool in order to break down the general speed of your site. Doing so will help you know how well your website performs in the speed test and does it hangs or loads quickly. You can look forward to some tool which helps HTTP/2. What’s more, when you use a tool to test the speed of your website, you will see more details regarding why your conversions are less, i.e. users are getting annoyed of slow speed.

Load Testing the Website

Next, comes the time to load test your site. Load testing your website is necessary as by doing so, you perceive what may be causing the bottlenecks. There are many tools available online which can help test your site. These can likewise be exceptionally valuable in the event that you are endeavoring to scale out a specific platform.

The tools will perform some of the following tasks in order to load test your website:

  • Performance testing on sites, web applications and REST APIs.
  • Automated and on-request execution testing for DevOps. Load test your site, web application, cross-platform app or API right away.
  • Easily perform exact load testing by recording utilization with your program, at that point playing it once more from their servers.
  • Load testing service that enables you to test your web-applications and APIs with a huge number of simultaneous associations.
  • Run highly adaptable, open source-based execution tests against the greater part of your applications and approve execution.

In the event that you are running a WordPress site, there are additionally valuable modules, which can help pinpoint modules that are backing off your site.

Ascertain Website Performance Optimization Budget

It’s imperative that you set up a proper budget for your complete website optimization plan. Essentially input how quick in seconds you need your site to load, and pick the association speed.

Refreshing Content

The content on your site is the driving force behind attracting visitors to your product/service/brand. Although Google may have indexed your content a while ago for its quality and keyword richness, it may become outdated and obsolete over time. A great approach to improve the performance of your site is to refresh the content already updated on your web pages.

Doing so will have multiple benefits. Firstly, the visitors will get something new and interesting to look forward to. Secondly, it will be helpful in optimizing rankings in search engine results as Google values fresh content. Lastly, it would be a good retouch to your overall site anyway. When it comes to optimized website speed, pay attention that the content you update is crisp and short, without taking too much space.

Optimize Your Media

The media uploaded on your site greatly affects the speed of the website. The heavier the media files present on it, the slower your website becomes and works. The best approach is to optimize all media files before uploading to the site and even the ones which are already there. By doing this, you save a considerable amount of bandwidth and automatically improve your website speed.


Note that some of these tips are quite easy to follow, however, a couple of them are complex strategies that can be scary especially when you don’t have knowledge of it.

In case it’s your case, you can do any of the following:

  • For the ‘Do It Yourself’ then Google Developers has valuable data that can enable you to enhance site performance and speed.
  • For an accomplished and technically expert person, consider a fully professional tool to do the job.

So these were some of the things that you can follow in order to optimize your website speed. Apart from these, there are some more ways you can do it, however, you will need to have proper knowledge of website optimization before you dab your toes into it.

At last, you can simply hire experts to do the job on your behalf and revive your site for better website speed and performance. Remember that your visitors are largely influenced by the website speed and you shouldn’t give them a bad reason to leave you for someone else.

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