What are the ways to prevent and report identity theft online?

With the onset of Internet, almost every human activity and transactions have gone online. Internet has brought in a surge of many online businesses, and people are readily inclined towards buying products and services. No matter how resourceful the internet has been to the human, it still carries its dark side.

Identity Theft
Identity Theft

Internet is filled with people, who are well versed in utilizing your information in order to make a profit. They constantly look out for prey that could reward them with lucrative outcomes. People have their bank accounts, identity details, taxation details, credit information and many such services and records online. Any goon can easily victimize a person by picking on any such details, and then leaving such person in severe trouble and worry. Unfortunately, this person may even be you.

To protect yourself from such hassles and worries, you should look out for methods for protection your credentials and opt for solutions to prevent identity theft. There are loads of online resources, which will assist you in gaining insights about online identity theft. However, there are no specific resources that will assist you in identity theft prevention. Identity Theft Protection services are best provided by commercial companies. For those who don’t wish to spend the extra dime, following are the few practices, which will help you prevent identity theft.

Keep your Password safe and update it regularly

The best way for any goon to gain access to your bank and credit card accounts is by knowing the password. Criminals employ several phishing attacks and send emails, which ask you to provide account Login credentials. This way, they can easily retrieve passwords. For your safety, do not open or reply to such mails. Never open a link which asks your credit card details. Always trade and buy from trusted e-services and online stores. Keep your login password and transaction password separate, and remember to change it every 45 to 60 days.

Use good spam filters and anti-spyware software

To avoid phishing attacks, use a good firewall or antivirus which offers better protection against spam. Improve your browsing habits by using trusted internet portals. Do not visit sites which are potentially unsafe.

Review your credit statements regularly

Always check your bank account and its statements. Regular reviews help in detection of spurious transactions and assists in early identification of crime.

Despite of taking all the measures, still if you are less fortunate, then following are ways to report such identity theft online.

Call your credit and banks bodies and place a fraud alert

If someone has stolen your identity for creating credit accounts, then place a fraud alert for avoiding further creation of any accounts and account damage. There are a few companies like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, which legally place a fraud alert.

Contact the police officials immediately

If your identity or your credentials are stolen and are used by someone else, then immediately report identity theft to police in order to avoid further damage. Remember, only police reports help to settle the identity theft claims.

Approach Federal Trade Commission(FTC)

FTC is a government agency looking into matters of online identity theft. They note all such id theft complaints which help in tracking the online criminals.

Author Bio: Jonas Patrick is the experts in identity theft protection services and working with KeepMyID .Org. He always shares tips and steps on identity theft prevention and protection.

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