How to Keep Your Family Safe Online?

How safe is your home? You probably have robust locks, and all precious items are stowed away somewhere safe from prying eyes and itchy fingers. The irony in this century is that you can have the most robust physical security and be unsafe. Many threats are online. Just as you take steps to physically secure […]

Small Businesses

5 Key Data Conversion Challenges Faced by Small Businesses

Changes in business and new developments in technology are both constants in the business world. That means that we always have to develop and adapt our strategy to meet these changes. The key is to be on top of new technology. However, one of the consequences of ever-changing technology is that data systems are always […]

Duplicate Files

Review – Duplicate Files Fixer Android App

Remember the last time you did back up your data and it had accumulated lot of identical files on your device. These identical files were not only limited to a similar photo or video files but it was extended with identical music & audio files, duplicate contacts, similar documents and lot more. Here, these identical […]


5 Best PPC Landing Pages for Your Business This Year!

One of the greatest problems in the online world is the lack of understanding of both Google algorithm metrics and user expectations. Sure, with the boost in popularity that the content marketing is getting lately, more and more people are starting to understand the importance of organic keywords and PPC ads. On the other hand, […]