6 Basic Ways of Designing UI/UX to Boost Your Website Performance

If you are planning to develop a website, it is not only putting pages together that will work. You also need to hire UI/UX developer who can design for the user experience. Many UI/UX Design Service Providers not only use good developers but also, they look for the skilled web-designer to create the best user experience for the client and users.


UI/UX Functioning Together

The UX of a website is defined as the overall user experience, and the user interface refers to the intended experience, which UX/UI Development Company wants to deliver to the audience. If you are willing to provide better UX, you need to understand the user’s need. You need to consider basics about why user comes to the site, how the user will interact with the site, and what primary function the user will require from the website.

The UI is basically a component of the UX. The UI assumes a critical job in how the client will collaborate with the experience that has been planned. You may utilise distinctive navigational connections, catches, fields, shading plans, and typography to make the UX as advantageous and open to the client as could be expected under the circumstances.

Understand Your Users

Website Performance

The first thing that will come to the mind when we talk about UI/UX for a website is a user. When you have decided about creating a website, you must have established some features considering your target users. But when we are dealing with the UX/UI, you need to go beyond this and look for the different unique aspects that help to draw users into the website. You need to create new design elements that encourage users to understand the flow of the website very quickly.

Make It Straightforward and Steady

Designing UI/UX

If you have just started your UX/UI Development Company, you need to maintain the simplicity on the website. For the better user interface, you need to be very clear and easy with the designing of your website so that user can easily move through your website. For example, your website features should be simple that user can easily learn and interact depending upon the needs. They ought to have the capacity to encounter the site in a way that is uncluttered, predictable, intuitive, and which effectively moves them through the procedure of what they are endeavouring to accomplish. You need to Hire UX/UI Developer who has the best skilled so that design your website as per requirement.

Speed and Better Receptiveness

Boost Your Website

Website speed is an essential aspect to determine the positive user experience for the users. As a user, one can expect that any site should load in 2 seconds or less. Oppositely, if the site takes more time, the user probably will not stay on that site. Furthermore, when a user visits your site, he/she would expect that your web system must respond to their input. In addition to that, if your website seems old-fashioned and doesn’t provide quick feedback, then the user might leave your site, and it can get worse if the user never revisits your site.

Make it Easy to Navigate

Easy to Navigate

Navigation is one of the fundamentals of an easy to use the site. Before a site configuration is concluded, it is critical to design a pecking order so every one of the pages can be gotten to effortlessly by both the web search tools and a human client. A portion of the routes through which you can back out the navigation:

  • By using Breadcrumbs, these will help user to locate the path for reaching URL
  • Wikipedia is great example of contextual links when it is necessary to make user navigate through its inner pages. It would be great idea if you use contextual links for navigation purpose.
  • Utilize sitemaps. Web engines lean toward sitemaps and having the two types of sitemaps, to be specific sitemap.html and sitemap.xml, are useful for the client and web indexes.
  • Try to make simple and obvious search buttons and drop-down menus that users can reach where they want with least number of clicks.

Visual presentation

Visual Presentation

Visual presentation can be incredible for coordinating the consideration of a client and for giving specific page components an unpretentious qualification. Things like photos and video can be illustrative, and they can organise the client’s consideration. Headings can be an excellent method to make the content more searchable. You can likewise utilise colours to give signals to the client.

For instance, think about a page with a long bit of composed substance. With subheadings, the user can easily filter the page to discover the segment which they generally find significant. Further, colours can be utilized to show capacities. Green is frequently connected with the positive and red is usually connected with the negative. When you need to catches alongside one another with these distinctive colours, it consequently sends a pragmatic message to the client.

Readable content [easy to understand, read, share]

Content has been known as a dominant factor for the website. It is the same as the virtual currency of the web. Hence, you need to make sure that the content on your site is easily readable and understandable.

The following section represents some tips to make your content more effective:

  • Always examine the website with a text -based browser so that you can easily detect your content accuracy.
  • By using social and visual sharing buttons as these can improve your website branding on social media.
  • Make sure that all the pages of your website can be easily accessible by minimum of one static link.
  • By providing simple form on the page as the form trends is one of the best solutions that make user to interact with website very easily. The following picture shows the common forms that are being used in websites.

Readable Content


As a UI/UX design service provider, you need to understand the fundamental significance of web-designing. Designing of a decent website heavily rely on a good UI/UX. If you are a creating a website or looking to hire UI/UX developer then above listed aspects should be taken into consideration. Let’s consider you are running a UI/UX Development Company; priorities would be money and skilled web-designers. In order to become the best UI/UX service provider, you must justify the fact that your website has a quality User experience.

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