7 Best & Free Typography Tools for Web Designers

Typography Tools

In case you are into web designing, there are several tools and resources available for creating an attractive website. Typography also happens to be an important element in developing a good website. In fact, typography is of paramount significance to a web designer. The typography tools are not some fonts used on a website. It is indeed the text used to engage people on the site. Hence it is pertinent to have a good typographic flow in your website. However, the potency of your result depends upon how you utilize these tools.

Typography Tools

There are different manners to showcase your web typography, however, you need to be extremely cautious while implementing the same on your website. The choice of typeface also matters a lot. Web designers are required to find a readable typeface for various texts. Both need to ensure that these are quite safe for the themes of websites as well. Another challenge for them is to gauge the font quality in several sizes and colors. However, a seasoned web designer ought to be well versed in typography to crack all these problems. So, to help web design professionals to choose the best typography tools, we have provided 7 of the free ones.

7 Best & Free Typography Tools for Web Designers

1. WhatTheFont

If you want assistance in identifying the font, then this tool is very much apt for you. WhatTheFont identifies font with ease and conveys the same to a designer. This is perfect typography tools for designers, crafters or anyone who deals with typography in their day to day activities. This is ideal when you get attracted by a design and want to know the fonts, or when one of your clients is in the dark about the font used in an image or text. You only need to key in the word to know the fonts as it is quite easy to use as well. WhatTheFont is powered by AI and is lightning fast as well.

2. Text Fixer

This tool has several browser-oriented tools to facilitate the cleaning up of body text look via removing unwanted spaces. With Text Fixer at your disposal, you don’t have to worry anything about sentence pattern or order of the list. This will also help designers to cut outline breaks from a group of text without affecting the paragraph breaks. This tool can be very handy for designers as it can be extremely tedious to individually remove line breaks, especially if you’re copying content from a PDF. This tool comes free of cost, and it is very easy to use as well. This can be an incredible tool for designers.

3. FontStruct

This is another free tool with which you can build font with ease. When it comes to FontStruct, the designers can conveniently come up with fonts using geometrical shapes. Another good thing about this typography creation is that it comes with a simple editor that facilitates swift and convenient crafting of your own fonts. Over here, designers get the freedom to save their own creations and share the same with the FontStruct community. This apart, they also have the liberty to download the fonts of other members from the community to use in their print designs.

4. Identifont

This is another excellent tool for designers. Identifont contains a huge typography database with which designers can easily look for fonts by taking recourse to various metrics, including author/publisher or another visually similar font. In case some fonts have captured your imagination and you would like to know about those, then Identifont can help you identify the same as well through a maze of questions and visual clues. It is equipped with a host of features to find anything related to a font.

5. What Font

Web designers have adapted to a lot of changes in the technical domain. They are striving to upgrade themselves with new technology tools. In terms of typographical innovation, there is one tool that stands apart from the rest: What font. This is a free and user-friendly tool with several benefits for designers. On this tool, finding a font is as easy as finding vehicles on roads as it is just a one-click process. Even the activation of the tool also does not take too much of a time. You only need to drag this to your bookmark to install.

6. TypeTester

This is an ideal font comparison tool for designers that is very in-depth in nature. The TypeTester provides designers with the facility to compare up to three fonts in one go with their own respective custom text. Over here, fonts are shown in different ways, so that designers can check out how they look like in bold, italics, caps lock, and so on. Test, compare, select and design with over 2800 web fonts from Adobe Edge, Adobe Typekit, and Google Fonts. Export your designs as fully responsive HTML and CSS snippets. No coding required and Export your designs as HTML and CSS.

7. Type Finder

This is another free online tool for designers and typographers to help them seek good typeface for designs. With Type Finder, you have the choice of asking a set of questions, and then you will be taken automatically to a curated library of typefaces. Over here, you can choose a very good typeface from the library. The questionnaire ensures that the user gets the typeface he or she desires. So, one must be a bit careful while answering questions, or else you will not get the ideal font for your web page.


Always keep in mind that these typography options are mere tools. If you want to make an impression as a web designer, you need to utilize these properly. Web designing is not child’s play; one must be inventive or innovative. These typography tools can be more than handy if you are creative as a designer.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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