How is IoT Growing the future of Home Automation?

Home Automation

Modern IoT machines come with a range of specialties and help that one could not have thought even a decade ago, in the future; new advancements in areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics can modify houses to secure them smarter than ever before. While Artificial Intelligence-based voice-enabled assistants are already in use in many houses, the difficulty with the fast-paced adoption of IoT devices reclines in having the data that the devices secure as each connected device can enhance the target of hackers. It converts even more significant since many IoT based home automation systems and machines perform a variety of security-related actions such as remote unlocking of houses, providing access to in-home cameras or collecting sensitive personal data.

Home Automation

These IoT programs can improve their capacities to work as an understanding of the complete home. They can offer a range of actions of managing all the smart appliances within the home, as well as monitoring and tracking the details, health, and choices of the citizens, their beloved kind of music or the power or appearance of the lighting in the room.

How IoT is becoming the Future of Home Automation

Smart things should be in use for home automation for a while. However, with IoT enablement, their range has increased largely to cover a scope of functions.

1. Smart House

Currently, home automation systems operate on voice commands, but in the future, they could evolve into intelligent systems that know what to do even in the absence of human voice commands. Their smart technology could increase their functionality to a variety of activities that offer unmatched comfort.

2. House Security

While advanced home security systems of now have the ability of remote monitoring and security warnings, with technological improvements, these systems will come with high-level capabilities such as fences with movement sensors that alert homeowners about unusual intrusions and drones that automatically activate, based on an alert, to follow the robbers and monitor their actions.

3. Network Support

In the smart home of the future, the developed number of intelligent devices will need enhanced network support. Devices need to be always connected so that they can work when required, through increasing dependence on a strong and stable Internet connection. Wi-Fi mesh or other self-configuring systems that allow many devices to connect to it and identify and choose connectivity problems before it reaches the customer complaint stage will provide an also secure smart house arrangement in the future.

4. Personal Health & Fitness

For monitoring health-related needs of every resident within the home, devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart scales and wearable’s such as smart clothes can help to track fitness and wellness to improve quality of life by continuously monitoring health information and updating personal fitness benchmarks.

Benefits of IoT in Home Automation

1. Independent

IoT enabled home automation systems can optimize available resources such as energy and water, making the home more self-reliant through water harvesting or harnessing energy from alternative sources such as solar or wind power.

2. Cost-effective

While smart appliances cost significantly higher than conventional ones, by automatically adjusting the thermostat or air-conditioning, turning off lights if they aren’t needed or even dimming lights based on the occasion of the day, they help to preserve energy, thereby adding to cost savings in the long term.

3. Energy-efficient

Smart houses go beyond mere energy saving to provide an eco-friendly and sustainable choice to homeowners with highlights such as sensible heating, sensor-activated stoves, water-conserving showerheads and other designs that minimize the use of energy within the home.

4. Gives more high-grade Quality of Life

With a higher degree of personalization, smart houses automate several actions, leaving homeowners with a lot more time on their hands to do what they enjoy. Moreover, since they work on voice commands, they can significantly benefit people with disabilities or even older adults or young children who find it challenging to operate appliances.

Examples IoT in Home Automation

1. Lights

Besides automatically turning on or off based on the time of day, smart lighting systems can regulate the intensity of the illumination based on the need or mood. For instance, by reading data from a wearable that indicates that the individual is tired, it can dim the lighting to create a relaxing ambiance.

2. Music

Similarly, the smart home system can collect listening preferences of the residents based on events or actions and compile playlists that automatically turn on during a party or when they are on the treadmill.

3. Smart Gym Equipment

By monitoring health, using heart rate and other variables, users can get customized workouts to change their present level of fitness.

4. Health Trackers

The benefit of fitness trackers and other wearable’s is that they help to monitor and record health independently and regularly. Based on the data, personal benchmarks of wellness and health can be easily created.

5. Doorways & Gates

Besides remote monitoring and control of doorbells, gates, and locks, intelligent home security systems can use visual recognition to open and close doors automatically to residents.

6. House Devices

Imagine smart appliances that automatically turn on to wake you up with freshly brewed coffee or have a hot meal cooked for you by the time you get home after work. By controlling sockets where home appliances are connected, smart houses of the future can provide these assistance and more!

7. Thermostat & Air Conditioning

Smart home systems sync with weather updates or even monitor data from variables to regulate the temperature within the home more efficiently. It can also track the number of people in the room at a given point of time to set the ideal temperature.

8. Garden

While time-activated sprinklers or watering systems are already in use in many houses, IoT enabled smart houses to go a step further to monitor the condition of the soil to see whether it is dry, before automatically irrigating it.

9. Anti-intrusion Protection

By activating alarm zones within the home, smart houses can protect themselves against intrusions and keep the house secure.


Home computerization technology is developing at a quick pace, and with the different features that it can manage, it is necessary to ensure that everything syncs seamlessly to provide an absolutely smart life.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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