5 Effective Ways To Save Time While Writing Blog Posts


How much time do you spend on writing a post for your blog? Some would say that they spend at least one week to write a post that will suit the general style of the blog and will be interesting to people. But does it work for those who want to become professional bloggers? Can you imagine a famous blogger who has only 4 posts per month? None of the search engines would love a blog that has so rare updates especially if there are no comments.


We will teach you how to save time while writing blog posts and start to work more effectively with your content. If you have been one of those who spends days on writing a single post, now you are going to leave that experience behind and see how the professionals work on their content strategy. So let’s move on to the most intriguing part – 5 ways to write quicker.

1. Write down all ideas that come to your mind

Every writer, blogger and any person who works with the texts and creativity know that feeling when you’re almost falling asleep but THE idea comes to your mind, and you think that you’ll remember it and will write down it tomorrow. However, when you wake up you remember nothing and you feel disappointed and blame yourself that you didn’t write down the idea immediately.

Thus, if you want to save time on generating ideas for your posts, always write down any good or bad idea that comes to your mind. Later, they will serve you as inspiration or as a list of ideas to choose from.

2. Use experience of other bloggers

Many bloggers spend too much time on making research for their posts. Research is necessary if you want to provide your readers with high quality information, but you should never spend days on finding sources. It’s better to use a couple of the most reliable sources and provide your own ideas on the subject you are talking about.

To get a sufficient research info for blog post writing, it’s enough just to check what other bloggers have already written and find out the things that no one talks about. Your readers would definitely love a kind of provocative information even though it is only your own thoughts that have not been proven by some sources.

3. Stop getting distracted

One of the worst things that have a huge influence on your productivity is the number of distractive factors that surround us. It’s more than just great weather and the starving. Modern distracting factors are more dangerous as you can do nothing to them. Instagram, Snapchat, dozens of messengers, and one of the biggest distracting social network, Facebook.

There have been thousands of talks on how Facebook distracts youngsters, but nothing has been done to prevent that. Thus, you need to control yourself not to start answering the messages here and now and not to start checking the news feed every 10 minutes. Use Facebook twice a day, and you will notice that noticing important happens till you are offline.

4. Use the help of professional editors

You can always save your time of proofreading and editing if you make use of professional services. There is a huge number of companies that allow their clients to order checking the writing as quickly as possible. The proofreading is done by professionals, thus, the quality is really good. However, you need to pay for that, but if the result totally worth it.

5. Follow the plan

The list of the most effective tips on how to save your time on writing posts will never be full without time management. This is a proven fact that the more organized you are, the faster you work. If you have a schedule for each working day, you won’t think that you have enough time to watch a season of your favorite TV series, to go out with your friends or just spend the day doing nothing.

You will know that today you have 3 hours to make research for your following post and create the outline for it, and tomorrow you will get 2 more hours in the morning to write the draft of the post and 2 hours in the evening to fix all its problems and publish it. So follow the plan, and you will never lose precious minutes on the things that do not deserve your attention.

Are you ready to write quickly? Use our guidelines to become a highly productive blog writer and start to generate posts as fast as possible keeping your readers attracted to the content and making search engines satisfied with the frequency your blog is updated. Just keep writing and enjoy the work that you do!

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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