How to Check Competitors’ Backlinks Manually in SEO?

To take your business to new heights and a larger audience, you all need to go for the best website and SEO Techniques. It is the only way by which you all can reach to the SEO in a better way and can make things accessible in a significant way. But to do that all there are many ways for it and the most effective way to do it is to go for the backlinks. It is the most effective way to do it, and it can help you in going for the best traffic on your site.


If you take a look at the competitor site, then you can see that they all use many backlinks in their profile. By that way, you all can go for these sites and then can get nearly 20 per cent of more traffic to the site.

Steps to check the backlinks in other sites

But to do that all, many users need to go for checking of backlinks on the website. To do that all in a natural way, here are the ways to find it in the right way.

Step 1: Look for Backlink checker

There are many backlink checker available in the internet. But today we are going to focus on Moz->link explorer. The quick way to get the data about a particular website is to install the extension in the browser itself. As you are aware that DA is developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). Apart from this, there are few other metrics can be observed by this tool.

Type directly at your browser or visit the Moz website and look for link explorer. Let me dig down the steps for you.

Backlink Checker

Step 2: Type URL of the other site

To get the inbound links, at first you need to get your competitor’s URL. That you can get by visiting their website and copying the whole link from the address bar. By that way there will be no error nor will you be redirected to any other page as well.  After copying it, you need to put the same address in the Link Explorer.

Step 3: Get the inbound links

Inbound Links

The next things you need to do to get inbound links is to visit to the inbound tab. Well, it is straightforward, and you all can do it in the right way. For all that you all need to head to the tab that is there in the explorer. There you need to search for the inbound links section. Click on the tab and you all can easily find the inbound links of your competitor site. Then you will able to see all the external SEO backlinks that are present there in the page on the site.

Step 4: How to export the data from those backlinks

So, after you see all the data related to the backlinks, you all need the same information. To export it, you can easily go and allow for the export to go to .csv section. There you all can go and save the results and then you can easily repeat the steps above for other sites as well. It can be done as much time as you want with no limit on it.

Step 5: Go for compilation

After getting all the result, you can go for the compilation of the SEO backlink data. There you all can go for nearly 5 to 10 competitors and all of them in one spreadsheet.

Step 6: Go for sorting of backlinks as per Page Authority

Page Authority

If you are using the MOZ link to find backlinks, then it comes with the Page Authority. It scales the backlinks by 1 to 100 scales as per the ability of the links in search.

The link that got the high number of suggested page is always rank in the top and is best for the ranking purpose as well.

So, to increase the rank, do look at the Page Authorities so that you can get a good ranking backlink. It is the best sorting criteria for you all.

So, these are the top sites which are here, and it offers you with the best and top quality site for you all. Apart from that all, there are other sites which all offers you with the same process, and you all need to check them in a great way to get to the top and best backlink finder for your site.

Use the strategy to get to the top

There are many SEO techniques that you all can go for when you are searching for getting a high rank. It includes placement of Keywords, usage of Keywords and many other things which all play an essential role in it. For all that purpose, it is always the best idea for you all to go for such backlinks, and it can easily get in touch with here as well.

If you are wondering about the best SEO techniquesthen it will be the best one to go for the backlink strategy. It is a proven and effective strategy for you all where you can get the best technique to rise the rank. Apart from that all, these links will help you in getting some of the followers and likes from the top site as well, and you can gain good traffic in that way.

Final words

So, if you are thinking to go for the SEO backlinksthen you must go for checking of your competitor links. From there, you all can get a whole new idea about going for the top sites and can know which backlink is helping them to get more traffic. By that way, you can apply the same link to your website and make it a good ranking site concerning your competitor site.

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  1. Competitor backlink analysis is one of the most necessary aspects of SEO in order to strategize the link building activities for your site.

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  3. Nice post… I will try this strategy and see how it will work and help grow my new blog.

  4. That was a very nice post explaining the importance of Backlinks for our website. The more we build natural and very niche backlinks the more our website credibility will improve in the search engine. For analyzing competitors and our website backlink profile both the online tools SEMRUSH & Ahrefs play a great role. I will prefer Ahrefs online tool more for better analysis of backlink data.

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