Internet Safety

Infographic: Top 3 Internet Safety Rules to Set for Your Child

Most companies are now spending a lot of money, creating cool kid’s toys and gadgets. These include; mobile phones, laptops, and iPads that enable kids to access the internet. Since children and the internet are almost inseparable, it’s imperative to set up internet safety rules to govern your child.

Internet Safety Rules

Check out some of the internet safety precepts to control your child online:

1. Internet usage

Have a list of the kid-friendly websites that your child can visit. Restrain them from visiting places containing adult content. If your child doesn’t abide by the set online safety rules, get rid of the device, and hinder them from accessing the internet altogether. To do this, search “sell your phone” gadgets online. You’ll get various websites that can swap your device for cash. Save the money and use it to buy another gadget for your child when older.

2. Personal information

Keeping personal information private is one of the internet safety tips for kids. Educate your child on the types of information that they shouldn’t share online. Teach them the importance of keeping home address, school attended, and information about family members private. Also, look for internet safety articles on kids who have been harmed by strangers met online and have your child go through them.

3. Communication with strangers

Restrict your child from conversing with strangers online. They can easily fall prey to online predators who purport to be kind to them. Strangers met online can not only harm your child but can use the information shared to track other family members.

Final thoughts

Your child gets exposed to various risks online. Set online safety rules to guide them when online. Moreover, watch what your child does online and reprimand them when necessary. By so doing, your kid will become more responsible and will stay safe from inappropriate content.

Furthermore, check the infographic.

Internet Safety

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