How Dedicated Xen VPS is better for hosting your business website?

Xen VPS is the best and safest virtualization emulsion available at present. Xen Virtualization also lets you to make several OS carry out on the same computer hardware parallel. It supports different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc. It is also the most cost-effective and scalable solution. It enables customers to obtain more from their accessible hardware, condenses data centre costs, helps to access decisive systems flawlessly, it is supportive in spite of aging, and removes problems in substituting hardware. In terms of stability, it is very stable. Web hosting forums emphasize that Xen offers a slight speed advantage.


In other words, sites loaded on VPS servers powered by Xen tend to load faster. The key difference has to be in price – Xen VPS dedicated hosting now has become much affordable for consumers, with some plans costing only around $20 a month. Such price plans may even be comparable to shared hosting plans.

Features of Dedicated Xen VPS

Dedicated Xen VPS is better for hosting business websites. The following points will help you know the features of Xen virtualization:


One better benefit of Xen is that it is also scalable in which you can upgrade and downgrade your resources (RAM, Disk, Network etc.) without having to reinstall everything or even without facing a serious downtime. The upgradations depend upon the features of hosting software you want to leverage for your business. Although it can be done only if you need, scaling the servers up or down without requirement makes no difference.


Xen is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies because it has been proved to be a reliable platform. It has capacity to run with interruptions. The primary thing is that Xen boosts the speed of your VPS without necessary need of any additional hardware. Since businesses cannot afford downtime and server problems, Xen virtualization has enormous benefits for business websites.

What is Paravirtualization?

Xen allows full hardware virtualization for the guests for running them on the same hardware. It also allows them to run with hypervisors like KVM. Over that it is also capable of running guests using paravirtualization. Paravirtualization is a technology in which a guest operating system is modified in order to make specific calls to the underlying hypervisor instead of the hardware.

The guest operating system identifies that it is running in a virtualized environment and it accelerates its functionality by requesting specific resources from the host, rather than the host having to provide emulated interfaces. This is the reason Xen can run guests on the hardware on the systems that does not have any hardware virtualization extensions. Over that it effectively increases the performance of the guest systems. Xen can run a number of guest operating systems like Linux distributions, UNIX-like systems and Microsoft’s Windows.

It only runs the systems that can run a modified kernel. Only those systems can take advantage of the paravirtualization functions. One big caution that is to be taken with paravirtualization is that the modifications in the guest operating system are vital to its stable running. For instance, the guest can crash if the kernel of a paravirtualized Linux guest system is changed to one without the Xen modifications. This is the only big drawback of the paravirtualization.

Advantage of Xen based VPS

  • The virtual private server functions in a different way compared to general web hosting. A single physical server has number of compartments and has isolated hosting accounts. Each account with dedicated resources is allocated to individual customers. The users have exclusive access to their accounts all the time. The webmasters have the freedom to reboot virtual compartments without any hindrances. The hosting providers or the server owners provide remote access to the servers that enables them to control the server remotely from anywhere on the globe.
  • Some of the webmasters who take a Xen VPS lease parts of their isolated virtual server as a reseller. This helps them get additional income every month by running their own website hosting service. Apparently, there are huge opportunities as a dedicated Xen VPS reseller. It is same as reseller hosting service. The owners also get complete hardware support throughout the entire period of using the dedicated Xen VPS. The sole reason for that it is an open source hosting environment.


Benefits like live migration and paravirtualization performance have ensured that the Xen Project has proven a popular hypervisor for majority of hosting providers who lease Dedicated VPS to the webmasters and businessmen. This means it has very good support with regular updates and plenty of help online. Even though online help is available, Xen rarely poses serious problems that cost you uptime and targeted traffic.

Therefore, Xen virtualization is very beneficial for customers and providers both. The high business value and high configurable nature of Xen has made it a top virtualization platform across the globe.

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