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The Effects of Web Hosting on Website Load Speed, a Mini Guide!

A page load speed is a very significant factor when it comes to the overall success of any business website. Since it is such an important factor, it should never be taken lightly. This factor can affect everything including your rankings, SEO, time on your site, clicks on your site, user experience, etc. If there is any lacking in this particular area, you can face a loss of customers as well as a loss of revenue.

Load Speed

Speed is an essential website ranking factor. This means that any website with a faster page loading speed can rank higher as it reaches the customers quicker. In today’s technological world, the ranking factor is slowly looking at the mobile optimization as well. This is to make sure that the website loads at a faster rate on the mobile as well. You can use free tools available easily on the internet to test your web page load speed. They will run a test and let you know how fast your website is, and what are the tips and tricks that you can do to improve it.

When you have a slow running page, it can affect your conversations, your sales, and your revenue, almost everything! For any business website, the worst thing that you can have is losing your revenue and customers. Since the competition is fierce these days, you need to have a system running 24/7! Countless studies have proved that load speed affects your conversation rate.

Time on Site

Average time on site is a type of visitor report that provides a data on the amount of time, in minutes and in seconds, the visitors spend on your website. This is also referred to as “average session duration”. This is also called “dwell time”. The more significant number of dwell time your website has, the better it is.

Some ways to keep your dwell time high are to have good content on the website that engages more and more people every day. Another way is to organize your website in such a manner that people have easy access and can find what they are looking for, instead of being confused on how to function your website. If a customer gets confused, they might get frustrated and leave, and this will also decrease your traffic. Make sure you work on the entire website, and not just your home page.

Web Hosting and Web Speed Connection

When you are browsing, you are accessing remote files and data stored in cookies and web servers. The faster your computer is, the faster the user will access the data they need on the requested pages. It all depends on your choice of web hosting company or package. It is the most important decision as the performance of your business depends on it entirely. Then again, the web server is involved in thousands of tasks and also manages the display of every single page. Executing all these tasks take time and that is also a reason that some pages take more time to load.

Elements in Hosting Packages that have an Impact on Speed

In order to enhance the speed of your page, you need to choose a hosting package that would help you. The factors that contribute to a fast hosting package are the same as the ones that make your computer work faster:

1. Fast Hard Drive

When you compare a standard hard disc to a solid state drive, a solid state drive is capable of operating more quickly and leads to a quicker performance.

2. Dedicated Resources

This is a critical factor to consider when you select a hosting package because it can prevent other sites from sharing using your resources like your memory and your processor. So it is a wise decision to opt for a VPS like HostiServer, rather than using a shared plan.

3. Local Resources

Keeping your resources on the web server directly can improve the performance better than having a shared server or shared hosting.

4. Adding More Resources

Adding resources like memory card and processing power implies that the server can perform better as well as quicker, which is going to save you a lot of time.

Faster Hosting Enhances Page Load Speed

When you upgrade your hosting plan, you can have a positive impact on your website’s page loading speed. Improving your hosting package can also lead to general speed improvement if your website is loading slowly because of many users browsing the website at the same time. If you want to optimize your website to improve page loading speed, then you should remember to cross check if your hosting package needs an upgrade as well because that could also lead to improved performance.

Wrapping Text!!!

At the end of it all, what matters is the page load speed of your site. With the greater connection between web speed and web hosting, there is no doubt that upgrading to a better web hosting plan guarantees better results and increase on ROI.

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