Lead Generation

Infographic: Inbound Lead Generation Checklist

In order for a business to win new business, it must have an efficient and effective lead generation strategy in place. Basically, lead generation is a process of attracting and converting quality leads (or in the online context, website visitors coming from various traffic channels) into loyal customers of the business. There are also two types of lead generation: the outbound and the inbound.

Of the two, many marketers these days consider inbound lead generation as the more effective one since it employs less-intrusive tactics. Many people today hate being exposed to advertisements that are annoying or does not give them anything of value. This is why many companies are using inbound lead generation instead to attract new customers into their business – to get closer to their audience without actually sounding too pushy or sales-y.

Over the course of time, different platforms have been developed to make the inbound lead generation process a lot easier and time-efficient. However, its success still depends on how intuitively companies understand the nitty-gritty of this strategy. For instance, without the right goals and objectives, a business will not be able to know if the strategy and tactics they are using are effective, or if they are generating new business at all.

Understanding the essentials of inbound lead generation, as well as mastering the essential tools and methods required for this approach can take significant time and continuous practice. But when done right, this strategy can help you grow your business in no time.

From setting the right goals to developing the right online channels and chasing lost leads, here the key takeaways from the infographic below

  1. Goals and objectives
  2. Landing page
  3. Hook or lead magnet
  4. Email funnel
  5. Traffic channels
  6. Ad messages
  7. Re-marketing
  8. Email nurturing

Check out the infographic below to learn more about this topic.

Lead Generation

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