Paid Ads

Infographic: Improvising Quality Score for your Paid Ads

The very first thing is about finding the targeted audience once you set this all you need to do is to promote some survey where you can identify the right demographics. Remember once you set and decide what age group of the people you want to target you need to do some customization in your re-marketing campaign for example with a lady product for example a lady dress you need to set a man clothes product which can showcased in the similarly buying products. Hence, this is the perfect example of buying habits with customization.

On the fourth phase you need to run some test on landing page so capture the data of click conversions and unique user interaction and behavior. However, you can use Google Optimize to check the variants between two test pages once you gather the best reactions on the best page you can definitely optimize it further.

Once your landing pages are created you need to set a test pages with your Ad copies and descriptions make sure your description should grab the maximum CTR (Click through Rate).  As you are very much aware if you are using the display Ads or carousel Ads more commonly used in Facebook Ad campaigns are sometimes its bit challenging to approve your ad banners well what it makes you so cautious to make a perfect product banners.

Keep an eye on your Ad campaigns and monitor your Ad performance once you analyze it and you can definitely optimize it by controlling your CPC (Cost per Click) and using some negative keywords.

Paid Ads

The above infographic is all about maintaining the quality score when you invest on the paid ads not matter it is of Google Ads or Facebook Ads. However, there is a flow on the infographic from the very beginning that how you should create your paid Ads campaign structure.

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