Video Technology

Infographic: A Brief History of Video Technology

Isn’t it amazing how fast technology changes? Video technology is just one of the areas where developments continue to take place. Believe it or not, video technology has been around since the 1900s although films then didn’t quite resemble what we consider to be movies today. Back then, films were stop motion and didn’t have colour or sound. The films would be shown on big screens in a cinema-like style and despite comprising only static images, viewers were absolutely enthralled by these showings.

By the 1930s, attending movies had become the talk of the town with over 65% of the American population seeing a show on a weekly basis. The Hollywood trend quickly spread across the globe and by the 1950s, small black and white television screens had become commonplace in households worldwide. These were quickly replaced by colour television sets and with the advent of Plasma display panels that were later changed to LCD displays, flat screen televisions that were easy to mount on walls.

Mobile streaming on handheld devices such as tablets and cellular phones continues to grow in popularity as technology and telecommunication services become more affordable. Today, it is almost unfathomable to imagine a time when families would crowd around a tiny screen in the living room to watch black and white cartoons or grainy films with poor sound quality. Instead, we are able to take our televisions with us when we are separated from our big screens that fill up walls in our bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens – places where, fifty years ago, television sets would never have made an appearance.

From huge communal screens to small colourless sets, from colour television to flat screen displays in our homes and almost any other public area, there’s no telling what the future holds for the field of video technology. Take a look at the brief history of video technology infographic below provided by Userful, to find out more about how things have changed and how we might just be headed back to the age-old trend of massive screen showings – only this time, in the comfort of our own homes!

Video Technology