Infographic: How Long Does It Take to Rank in Google

It’s the one question every website owner has asked himself or herself: how long will it take my page to rank in Google? In short, it depends. There are a number of variables to consider like existing domain authority, competition, on-site ranking factors, off-site ranking factors, the list goes on, and even if you do everything by the book, you will not always get the results you want. Luckily, thanks to a study from Ahrefs we may be able to give you a more concrete answer with our own question relating to the length of string.

Ahrefs first took 2 million random keywords and pulled data on the Top 10 ranking pages for each of them. The data showed that the average Top 10 ranking page is 2+ years old, and those that rank at position No.1 are almost 3 years old.

The Ahrefs team then focused on the 2 million pages that were first seen by their crawler a year ago, tracking the position history of each page for any keyword it is ranked for. It turned out that only 5.7% out of all studied pages ranked in the Top 10 search results within 1 year for at least 1 keyword.

The study also showed that you could rank for low-volume keywords in a very short time, while the high-volume ones take almost a year to get into the Top 10. However, this data only applies to the 5.7% “lucky” pages that ranked in the Top 10 within a year and the other 95% of pages didn’t perform that well.

So what does this all mean for the newly published pages? Take a closer look given at the infographic below by The Website Group to find out!

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