Master Your Social Media Campaigns with These 4 Tips

Social Media

Today, no one even asks if you’re on Facebook or Instagram no matter your niche – it’s so widespread, that it goes without saying. This global mindset has reshaped businesses from their very core to embrace the trend of social media in their strategies, since the majority of their audience uses social platforms as the main source of information and communication. Nowadays, no successful brand can build a reputation without the likes, shares, and comments of their customers and potential clients.

Social Media

However, it’s not enough to merely make a page and pay for a few ads, especially in the millennial climate where little value is given to forced methods of advertising, and there is a much greater emphasis on expressing authenticity and being creative. If your posts are imaginative and unique, you’ll be remembered. If your imagery inspires a response, you’ll get more eyes on the page. So, how do you achieve the perfect social media balance to get better brand visibility and improve your conversion rate?

Where’s your audience?

You might prefer YouTube, but if most of your potential customers have Instagram accounts, then you’d be wasting your time on a YouTube channel while they spend their time scrolling down their Insta feeds. This is one of the main ways to define the voice and the visuals of your campaign – you first need to understand who your audience is, and where they like to spend their time.

Then again, most people own several social accounts, and the vaster your outreach, the better your chances of seeing results in the long-run. However, focusing on a single platform can be as detrimental as wasting your energy on too many of them, so pick your battles and stay consistent on each of them for as long as your campaigns last.

Plan, plan, plan!

No matter what you do, once you have set on a goal, how you approach your social media efforts can greatly affect their outcome. These platforms are powerful tools in generating buzz around a new product line, inviting new customers to join an engaging conversation, or simply get more brand awareness with more shares and comments.

What you need to do is pinpoint your goals, define them, and dissect them into achievable tasks that will let you have greater control over your project. Define which actions are needed to achieve your aims, and assign them to the right people on your team. Pick the proper tools to monitor engagement, and keep things flexible to adjust your strategy as you see which of its aspects work best, and which are underperforming.

Get creative

Even the simplest campaign on social media can get much traction without heavy investments if you know your audience and abandon the overused strategies that will not yield any results. Every social network is already overflown with content, so you’ll need something that stands out and speaks to your customers. Contests are a great way to engage your audience and get them excited for a specific purpose, without breaking your budget.

Social Media Campaigns

Whether you’re looking to get more subscribers to your newsletter, get them acquainted with a new product, or get people to join a cause you care about, simple gestures such as offering customized t-shirt printing, branded mugs, flash drives, or a free month of using your services, they’ll appreciate it. Gifts are a universal way of connecting with people, a simple way to be remembered and increase brand awareness once your proud t-shirt owners go out wearing your present.

Involve your audience

Social media is, in every sense of the phrase, a two-way street, and as such it requires involvement both from your brand and your audience to make an impact. So, your campaign does not end once you post that intriguing article, or create a video, far from it. This is where it gets interesting – inviting and inspiring your audience to participate with comments, shares, likes, or original ideas of their own will be the best way to make the most of your campaign.

Once the feedback and original posts start rolling in (for which you need that level of creativity we’ve previously mentioned), it’s up to you to respond to every single one of those ideas. Your level of activity will only inspire further engagement, and if there’s any negative feedback, you can find ways to minimize the damage by embracing it as constructive criticism, or finding different strategies to help prevent any backlash.

The world of social media might be a challenging arena for every brand, but with the right tools to manage your efforts and with a continuous influx of creative ideas, you’ll improve your strategies over time and turn those visitors into your loyal customers!

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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