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Forget Old SEO Tricks, Here Are the New WordPress SEO Tricks

Today more than 70% of the websites on the internet are on WordPress – the most widely used CMS of all times. Either it is a blogging site, corporate company site, e-commerce site, news site, or an online portfolio, WordPress services are best in the web market.

SEO Tricks

The popularity of WordPress has made Yoast SEO very famous! In other words, following Yoast’s guideline can make you top your website on search engines, especially Google.

As compared to other CMSs such as Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. WordPress has proven itself more user-friendly. Though WordPress is highly user interactive, attractive and easy to use, one cannot deny the fact that;

Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugin has made SEO simple and realistic such that a new user not knowing a lot about SEO can also generate traffic on its site.”

Since 2008, it is the favorite tool of millions of users to handle technical optimization of the site and is assisting content optimization.

However, in the last ten years, a lot has been changed by Google, especially in terms of search engine ranking factors. As a result, new algorithms and updates of Google never allow any site to be on top for a long period of time.

Contrary to this, if SEO of a site is strong, then the site can remain on top for a longer period. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the only important digital marketing need which let you stay above over the other competitors.

A strong SEO generates heavy traffic on the site. And those who are ranking top on Google have heavy traffic, user base, sales, revenue generation, and leads.

How Few Websites Get Traffic?

Nowadays, if you rank a page of your site past the first page on Google, then you barely get any traffic. But, in order to get on Google’s first page, you will have to play the game of search engine optimization seriously.

The sites who are on the first page of Google, getting millions of traffic are strategically playing this game. You might not have understood it; thus, let me be more clear and fairer!

WordPress websites following Yoast SEO guidelines, performing white hat SEO strategies, doing offsite and onsite SEO, targeting better keywords, using social media platforms to the fullest are successfully stealing business, creating brand awareness, increasing sales and gradually getting better traffic day by day.

Many give credits to SEO experts and WordPress plugin development services but at the end of the day, everyone on the internet tries hard to follow updates and algorithms of Google.

How do they do it? What SEO tips the expert choose? How they leverage the use of WordPress and generate traffic?

In this article, I will share the best SEO tips and the latest SEO tricks of 2019 to help you optimize each web page of your site to get millions of visitors from Google.

Website Traffic

5 New WordPress SEO Tricks

The market share of WordPress has always grown, it never came down since the launch of this website builder. Thus, if you are planning to create a site on WordPress, then take my words.

You aren’t late; moreover, you can rank your site on Google’s first page within eight months, but only if you follow each SEO trick described below.

Before I share new WordPress SEO Tricks, let me tell you four most important things:

  • Firstly, get the best website hosting plan, domain name, and try keeping your site a .com site to get a global reach.
  • Secondly, make your vision about the site clearer than the clouds and study everything about your competitors.
  • Third and most important, try increasing the audience on your social media account.
  • Fourth, hire a class content writer or write yourself if you can.

Thus, let’s get started and make your site a number one on Google’s first page.

Content and Keywords Goes Hand-In-Hand

Any WordPress site is incomplete without the proper content. And any content is incomplete without the insertion of keywords. Keywords in URL, Meta title, Meta description, and within the content are necessary.

Thus, insert keywords properly according to search volume and competition. Highly searched keywords help you to uplift your web pages while high competition keywords increase your site’s value between competitors.

Once your all keywords rank properly, your site will generate more traffic. Never rely on blind guesses in keyword research; on the other hand, use powerful keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner.

You can also use, high search + low competition keywords combination as your focus keywords that should come in your content for 1.5% of total words. But, don’t try to stuff them in your content. Avoid keyword stuffing!

Also, use focus keywords in meta title, description, and URL.

Do More Internal Linking

Once you have enough content on the site, link them internally. Internal linking is the best way to develop a contextual relationship between the site’s new and old posts. Also, it lets you generate relevant links.

The internal linking increases your on-page SEO, boosts your page views, enhances the user session on the site, improves usability through anchor text, helps in crawling & indexing, and improves the page rank with link juices.

Often most of the WordPress users link older posts to newer posts but do not change the content. If this kind of internal linking is done, then it won’t help you to get a better SEO score.

Therefore, the only option is to change content, place new keywords, and link old pages to new ones. Remember content is king; keep it 100% unique.

Generate More Backlinks

Backlinking basically refers to link building techniques, and high-quality backlinks will always be a ranking factor, according to Google’s algorithm. Getting links on popular sites increases your site’s SEO and offers the following benefits;

  • Useful links build your brand authority.
  • High-quality links drive traffic for your website from reputable directories and resources.
  • Backlinking creates a brand exposure of your site and increases the ratio of the organic search in your site’s traffic.
  • Quality backlinks on popular sites via guest posts, freelance articles, etc. generates referral traffics on your website.

But the only difficulty is, people don’t allow to post articles from traffic seeker for free. Either they ask for money or force you to post regular free articles at their sites.

Thus, generating backlinks is difficult, and most sites often jump to Blackhat SEO strategies which violate Google’s rules. Backlinks are the holy grail of the SEO and must be followed to get the best organic traffic.

Half Manual and Half Automatic Way Of SEO

It is challenging to write the best content every day. Not every topic can yield information, keyword usage, creativity in the blog posts at the same time. However, the hard-working of writing a perfect blog post must never go waste!

Thus, you can do these things to rank the blogs on the first page.

  • Use IFTTT, a web-based service, and connect WordPress with your all accounts. Share your content on social media.
  • Use Medium plugin on WordPress to automatically thrive content globally.
  • Start building relationships with the bloggers so that they can refer your content.
  • Make videos, images, GIFs, infographics, and share them on social media accounts with creative and interactive titles, captions, hashtags, and information.

I call these step-by-step processes as Whitehat strategy, which is valuable whether you act on it today or tomorrow. These SEO tricks are part of WordPress development services.

Let’s Get to Some New WordPress SEO Tricks

  • Upgrade Your Cache Plugin – WP Rocket
  • Use multiple CDNs (Content Delivery Networks)
  • Add AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for the potential increase in CTRs
  • Make images load faster; use plugins like Imagify, Smush, etc.
  • Install WordPress speed plugins
  • Add SSL certificates because non-HTTPS websites don’t get a chance to rank on Google
  • Use SEO-friendly WordPress themes. Yoast prefers StudioPress themes
  • Lastly, never miss the chance to follow Yoast SEO guides

These new WordPress SEO Tricks of top experts made my SEO analysis a lot more whitehat and organically generated traffic for my website.

In case if you can’t implement all these WordPress SEO Tricks of 2019, then hire WordPress developers and make full use of their knowledge.

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