The Role of the Blog in Marketing Strategy and its Advantages

One of the pillars for any marketing strategy that includes optimizing a web for search engines (SEO) is the blog. Nonetheless, one must distinguish between personal blogs – which speak of personal experiences and reflections – and business blogs, designed to achieve commercial goals.

Marketing Strategy

The potential of blogs as tools for achieving corporate objectives should not only be considered within the communicative field but also in other areas such as Human Resources, marketing or project development.

These are two of the main advantages of this last type of blog:

  1. It allows to share the knowledge (or expertise) of the company or the professionals who work in it. According to a study, this practice increases the number of visits by 55%, which explains the importance it acquires.
  2. It offers the possibility to offer relevant, fresh and current content, which contributes to attract new business opportunities, through other companies or potential customers that generate coupons or leads.

Therefore, the organizations that launch a blog and update it regularly, as part of their strategic marketing actions, acquire a great competitive advantage over the rest. According to figures from another recent report, 57% of companies get at least one customer through their blog. In addition, these companies get 70% more leads than those who do not have a blog.

This technique is especially recommended for those companies whose main asset is a high degree of expertise over a certain area of ??knowledge, as in the case of law firms or consultancies. In fact, if these firms can solve doubts, problems or needs on a topic in which they are specialists, they will attract people who are looking for answers to these questions, and who will be potential clients.

Therefore, incorporating a blog into the marketing strategy will not only benefit the quality of the content generated by the company, but also the volume of traffic that the web receives.

How does a blog help the SEO strategy?

Apart from all the previous considerations, a blog is a way to generate a large amount of content in a short time and on a constant basis (if possible, it is advised to post new posts daily). It should not be forgotten that each new publication is a new page, which will be indexed in the main search engines. In addition, each of them has a new link, which will help increase the degree of authority or relevance of the site.


To increase its effectiveness, it is important that the blog is located in a sub-folder of the main domain. We detail some of the contents that can be included in a blog:

  • Articles on a specific topic and that correspond to the field of expertise of the company.
  • Podcastsor audio file. This option is ideal when you want to capture the attention of people who do not have time to read (for example, people who spend a lot of time in the car, public transport or traveling).
  • PowerPoint presentations, which can be shared on platforms like SlideShare.
  • News, news and press releases.
  • Videos, through channels like YouTube. This option will not only attract many more visitors, but will make the blog much more attractive.
  • Photos, which can be shared on social networks like Flickr or Pinterest.

Some of the advantages of Blog Marketing are discussed below:

  1. Increase interaction with customers. A blog gives the visitor the feeling that they can interact directly with the site, thus improving the chances of attracting the client.
  2.  Obtain through feedback a feedback about the quality, variety and nature of the products. A few years ago, a professor at the University told us that it was as important to listen to criticism as to praise.
  3. Increase the overall site update. It is important these days to keep the site permanently updated. This ensures that search engines access – through their spiders and bots – more frequently to the content of the site. This improves the positioning of search results.
  4. Get free advertising through links from other blogs. Usually bloggers tend (tend) to read other blogs very often. In addition, with similar frequency bloggers link (link) the articles that we consider interesting.
  5. Publish complementary information of the products offered by the company in a less formal format. Perhaps what I have heard most from business blogs is that they are more interesting for reading than the technical and / or commercial specifications of a product.
  6. Give a personal view of the company. Some companies allow and even encourage their executives and employees to keep their corporate blogs.
  7. Support marketing strategies.

In general, keeping the company blog is not expensive, and can even be fun and uplifting, not to mention how beneficial it can be in terms of competitiveness.

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