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Three Reasons Your PC Has Slowed To A Crawl

There can’t be many regular PC users the world over that haven’t from time to time found themselves shouting profanities at the screen due to slowdowns. Recent research has suggested that on average, every single person across the country spends a full five days a year staring at the annoying spinning cursor kindly informing us that we have to wait. A pretty horrific waste of time, made even worse by the fact that much of this time is needlessly wasted and could have been spared.

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You don’t always need to invest in the very best computer repair in order get your PC back to its former speed. More often than not, it’s happened for a common reason and one that you yourself might well be able to fix from home for free.

Cluttered Hard Drives

He first and by far the most important thing to be aware of is just how cluttered or otherwise your hard drive is. No matter how small or large, new or old your hard drive, it cannot and will not work as optimum speed if it is 99% full of clutter and garbage. By contrast, the more free space there is and the less clutter present, the easier its job and the faster it will run. Even if this isn’t the primary problem, it’s almost impossible to have a good clear out of a hard drive and not notice a massive improvement to performance immediately after. So before doing anything else, back up everything that’s not 100% needed on your hard drive and clear as much space as possible – you’d be surprised how effective it can be.

Spyware or Viruses

There’s always the chance that something is doing its bidding behind the scenes without you even knowing about it – spyware and viruses being the most common example. Viruses and malware can have almost any effect imaginable on a computer, from a slight slowdown to more frequent crashes to a complete and total deletion of every single scrap of data on any number of drives. These aren’t the kinds of risks you should be taking, so be sure to use a modern and up to date anti-virus package while at the same time scanning for and removing all spyware and malware. If it turns out that this was your problem, the difference will again be immediate and enormous – then it’s just a case of making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Background Programs

And finally, there’s another pesky little blighter than can do its bidding behind the scenes without you even knowing about it, though in this instance not of quite such a sinister nature. Background programs and processes are to a large extent essential in order for your OS and your PC as a whole to run as it should, but from time to time you can end up with so many of the things running at once that they massively slow down your computer as a whole. Once you get rid of them or at least close them using task manager, the resources are freed up once again.

Time to Call the Experts

When all else fails, you can then call the experts for help. Geeks Mobile USA is an IT company that operates across the United States so whether you need computer repair in San Francisco, Chicago or Seattle, you will always find one of their computer technicians to help. The fact that they are in business since 2002 makes them an established, reliable and knowledgeable IT company.

About Author: Ilya Elbert is a veteran IT professional. He’s got over 10 years of experience helping businesses across the US with their IT systems. Currently, Ilya is the nationwide account executive of AllIT, a full service Information Technology firm that serves the whole of United States. Follow him on Twitter to get IT news and updates.