6 Tips to Improve your Website Performance

How long have you been in business? Do you have enough client coverage? Is your customer base steadily increasing? What differentiates you from your competitors? These are some valid questions for any business – whether it’s a start-up or a fully established business.

Improve your Website Performance

With changes in the framework within which modern business operates, the competitive landscape today is not just limited to the traditional brick and mortar concept anymore. Every organization needs to have a virtual presence. Virtual presence through a website assists not just in e-commerce but serves various secondary and tertiary goals of the company. Business development through new client and customer acquisition, CRM, reputation management, opinion building, image management, brand building are some of the roles a website can play.

A well [p2p type=”slug” value=”7-quick-fire-ways-increase-traffic-websites”]performing website attracts traffic[/p2p] and assists in retaining them. A good website has to ensure that people not only return to it but also refer it to others.

What do we mean by a well performing website? What are some of criteria of a great website? What can makes a website performance well?

Beauty and Design

First impressions are visual in nature. Customers may like or dislike something in seconds just by how it looks. It applies especially to websites. It all begins with beauty, design and clarity. A beautifully designed website can be a monetarily effective mechanism to enhance traffic to a website and increase lead generation. In contrast, a badly designed website encourages the user to leave the page even before it loads completely. This can result in lost business potential.

Design Compatibility

With enhanced penetration of [p2p type=”slug” value=”the-future-of-mobile-technology”]mobile technology[/p2p], more and more users are accessing website over their smart phones and tablets. A website’s performance is no longer limited to desktop.

How responsive and compatible a design is over slew of physical devices – defines a website’s design ability. If a business lacks to provide a mobile friendly website to its customers, it is falling behind its competitors. To stay current with the times, most of the well established businesses have beautifully crafted, clear and responsive mobile friendly websites designs.

Analysis of User Behavior

Paying attention to site’s performance through regular supervision and revision is advised. For enhanced user engagement it is essential to use Google Analytics on a regular basis to analyze user behavior.

This involves studying customer’s navigation pattern and actions on various site pages. Working over visitor data gives insight into what users like about the site. Heat maps of the website can be generated through various tools which provide data on clicks.

What do they do and which pages are left unattended? Do the blog and content pages have acceptable readability? Are the goals of setting a website are in line with a visitor’s goal? Such questions aid in improvement and visitor re-engagement.

Crisp Communication

Users visiting a website have various levels of attention. To cater to different level of interest it is important to communicate in a manner which catches and holds users interest. Using appropriate font, comprehensible content and mix and match of graphics, images and text makes the communication more effective.

Instead of hovering around the subject, to the point messages should be communicated quickly and creatively. Instead of using superfluous language filled with self-praise, content should have genuine solutions to questions a visitor might have.

Content is the King

A website with the same old look and feel creates monotony and reduces return frequency. People don’t want to look at the same content over and over again. Freshness of content is what any visitor craves. This requires updating the home page and other landing pages with up-to date content.

You have to update the content through fresh and current blogs, articles and industry knowledge. The products and services landing page regularly add more information about the recent development in company’s engineering and development process. Graphics and images are updated on home page as well as the layered landing pages to add freshness to the website. Big or small, changes are added to the website for capturing user interest.

Multiple social plug-ins enable sharing of content by site visitors which not only [p2p type=”slug” value=”optimize-wordpress-search-engines”]optimizes the website across search engines[/p2p] but also acts marketing messengers for the company.

Categorized Landing Pages

Propelling the visitor to other layered pages adds more economic value. It is difficult to display all options on the home page. Every website has variable categories which offer different sales options.

Offerings should be categorized separately with different landing pages, directing the user to that specific category. Every landing page should have clear content and call to action buttons.

Keeping basic issues into consideration enhances a website’s performance and positions a business strongly in a virtual space. To be in your top category – make a user friendly beautiful website, analyze user behavior, update regularly and share content. Follow these guidelines and you are sure to be one of the top players online.


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