7 Crucial Steps to Enhance the Web Application Development


Are you planning to develop new web application for greater productivity and convenience? Then, it is essential for you to have knowledge of right steps to build an efficient web application for better results. In order to develop a proficient application it is necessary to introduce some crucial changes and improvements. Also, one needs to be aware of the fact that it is necessary to maintain the existing web applications while developing the new ones. Care should be taken that the new web applications are efficient enough to meet all your specific requirements in a proper manner.

Web Application

Web Application

With all these things in mind, experts have suggested 7 tips in order to assist to boost the development of web application.

Automate the Implementation

It is necessary that the web application developed for the production requirements need to be quite simple one and easy to navigate. In order to make a mark in the competitive market, it is necessary to frequently deploy the new versions in the production. The delays will lead to stack up the data across the development cycle. Even if it takes two or more days to deploy new editions of production, the productivity tends to suffer adversely.

Minimize the complexity

It has been witnessed that a complex web application suffers greater number of difficulties to modify and adapt the changes. Hence, it is suggested to divide the system in smaller components, when it is observed to get bigger. However, for this an apt technology is required to assist the evaluation of the complex systems and even help the web development team to effectively split the system into greater number of manageable parts. Assistance of professional services like Web applications UK will greatly help you to simplify your web application.

Target the productivity right from beginning

One might think to implement a quick key to resolve any business problem instantly and then clear up the application in order to set the production. Even though it appears to be a quick solution, it is essential not to neglect the things like logging, monitoring scalability, the user management and others. An apt solution is to aim productivity right from the day one.

The Impact Analysis

It is necessary for the development team to ensure that the modifications will not adversely affect the proper functioning of the already existing applications. This issue can be greatly reduced by implementing three steps.

First step: Implement the impact analysis tool at the time of development procedure. In case any modification to the database breaches the crucial business logic, then it requires instant attention.

Second step: Prefer to go for regression testing for testing the accuracy.

Third step: Ensure that the impact of the modifications is measurable, especially when put in the concerned production server with the production information.

Make use of Knowledge Transfer

There exist several reasons such as good employee turn-around, reallocation of the teams on various projects and several different teams for maintenance and development for investing in the knowledge transfer. However, ensure that you do not put any burden of the knowledge transfer on the developers. Proceeding through the code is complicated and slow and the documentation won’t meet the needs. Try to make use of the domain specific languages or any kind of visual languages to transfer the work to the tools. Guidance from professional services like Web applications UK will prove to be worthy.

Versatile Control

The benefits of using the ten second deploy procedure tend to get lost during the two days’ process of authentication to get approval to proceed for the production. It is essential to have two crucial things, namely, full accountability and ability to rollback. The full accountability will help you to get acquainted with the process as to whom to approach when the troubles persist. The efficiency to rollback, if your move to production does not prove to be a successful one, is regarded as one of the most significant things.

Association with Stakeholders

As soon as the feedback of the stakeholders comes, the web application development tends to move in the right direction. It is essential to ensure that the web development is proceeding in a right direction. Hence, it is highly recommended to consider the feedback of the stakeholders in a positive manner in order to experience the enhancement in the development of your web applications.

These are the 7 steps for developing explicit web applications. The development team can definitely enhance the productivity, by developing useful web applications.

Author Bio: Ale Rossi is a technical writer. She specialises in writing articles about web application development.

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