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Social Media

7 Tips To Use Social Media To Get PR

In our online world public relations are constantly being built up and torn down, these misfortunes are occurring without regard to a company’s size or even market dominance. In fact it seems that these mistakes are made across the board with organizations such as the American Red Cross posting embarrassing and unprofessional posts onto its […]

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Virtual Desktop Security

Since the Information Revolution of the 1980s and 1990s there has been an increased demand for data to be conveniently accessible. Through virtual desktop hosting, an individual user’s interface is kept in a virtualized environment. The virtual desktop is stored on a remote server rather than locally. This means that your data is hosted from another […]

Time to Stop Blogging

When Is It Time to Stop Blogging?

With everyone online, many people think that blogging is one of the most important things for them to do in order to build their online reputation. But blogging, while a good way to stay active in the online community, is not for everyone. In order for your blog to be worthwhile, you need to invest […]

Windows Webhosting and Linux Webhosting

Four Reasons That Make Linux Webhosting Cheaper Than Windows Webhosting

The webhosting industry has grown by leaps and bounds to match the rising demand in the web business segment. From a simple and somewhat easy to understand and use model, webhosting has grown in complexity and technical girth to a level that only experts can fully understand how to comprehensively operate and manipulate it.  The […]