WordPress Security Plugins

7 Top WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your Website

WordPress is a popular content management system, which is widely used for creating websites across the world. Due to many websites running on WordPress over the internet, these websites are highly prone to various hacking and malware attacks. Therefore, every website owner is concerned about their website security and takes appropriate measures to safeguard their websites from all possible threats.

WordPress Security Plugins

WordPress security plugins are the best tools to ensure the safety of websites. You can find many top-rated security plugins for WP websites that provide higher safety to websites from different types of threats. Keeping your WordPress installation updated along with regularly updating your themes and plugins is also a robust method to defend against malware and hacking threats. Here in this post, we will provide a list of the top 7 WordPress plugins that help you protect your websites.

1. iThemes Security

iThemes Security is a robust security plugin, which boasts to offer more than 30 ways to protect and secure WordPress websites. One click installation helps you protect your website and prevent automated attacks. Plus, it also removes various security vulnerabilities in your site. It keeps a track of registered users’ activity and also provides two-factor authentication security. In addition, it performs malware scanning, adds import/export settings, password expiration and many other things. However, it doesn’t offer a website firewall and utilizes Sucuri’s Sitecheck scanner for detecting malware.

iThemes offers file integrity checks, strong password enforcement, security hardening, limit login attempts, brute force protection, 404 detection and more. By scanning the whole website, it attempts to find potential vulnerabilities in a site. It bans IP addresses that try to brute force.

2. Wordfence

It is also one of the best security plugins for WordPress websites which provides total protection from all kinds of malicious activities. Wordfence offers a free version of their security plugin, which offers a robust malware scanner, threat assessment, exploit detection and other features. But for more and best features, you will need to upgrade to a premium version.

Although Wordfence plugin can automatically scan your website for any common threat, you can also manually run a full scan anytime. If the plugin finds any sign of breach, it immediately alerts you about the threat along with the instructions to fix the threat.

Apart from this, Wordfence also offers an in-built WordPress firewall, which provides ultimate security from unauthorized infiltration. However, the firewall runs before WordPress is loaded which makes it less effective in comparison to a DNS level firewall.

3. Sucuri

Sucuri is a leading security plugin, which is trusted by the top brands around the world. This is an excellent security suite available on the digital market. Besides the premium version of Sucuri, there is also a free version that helps you tighten your WordPress website security and scan the website for common threats.

However, the real value is obtained with the paid versions, which offer top-notch firewall protection that prevents brute force and malicious attacks. This security suite is capable of filtering bad traffic and does not let it reach to your server. It comes with a DNS level firewall, which is combined with their CDN provides ultimate safety and performance to your website.

4. BulletProof Security

Though it is not the prettiest security plugin on the market, yet it is very useful with many of its great features. BulletProof offers a set up wizard which allows you to adjust its settings as per your preferences. You can also find various documentation on settings panel, which provides information on how security and scan settings work. It offers a malware scanner which enables to check integrity of WP files and folders. It offers security features like idle session logout, login protection, database backup utility, and security logs. You can get security log email alerts.

5. All In One WordPress Security

It is also a powerful security plugin with features like firewall, security auditing, monitoring and more. You can easily add basic WordPress security to your website using this plugin. It provides several robust features like lockdown to stop brute force attacks, user account monitoring, file integrity monitoring, IP filtering, check for dubious database injection patterns and more. All in one WordPress security offers a basic website level firewall, which can find and blocking common threat. However, it is not as effective.

6. Jetpack

Most of the people who use WordPress are familiar with Jetpack because it is built by folks at WordPress.com. It offers extensive features and helps strengthen both a website’s performance and security. This excellent WordPress plugin provides lots of modules that strengthen your website, social media and protect from spams. There is a free plan that offers some decent security features for small websites. With the premium version of Jetpack plugin, you can avail features like security scanning, span protection, plugin updates and backups.

7. Defender

It is also the most effective security plugin for WordPress websites. It is both free and premium plugin which comes with topmost features to harden your website security. You can run scans to detect suspicious code. It scans your WordPress install with the directory, it provides reports for changes and enables you to restore files with a click. It offers features like Google 2-step verification, scanning WordPress core and repair files, IP blacklisting and logs, unlimited scans, 404 limiter to remove vulnerabilities, lockout feature to prevent brute force, IP lockout reports and notifications and more.

Ending notes!

WordPress is a popular website development platform and there are millions of websites around the world which are powered by it. The huge popularity brings it into limelight of cyber-attacks which make WordPress websites more vulnerable to hacking and malware attacks than any other platforms. Moreover, you can boost the security of your WordPress website by using the best WordPress security plugin, which provides an extra protective layer to protect from various malicious activities. You can also hire WordPress development company to build security solutions for your website.

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