Get the most out of SEO with the Least but the Effective Efforts


There was a time when SEO used to be very simple. Just get a huge bunch of links, be kind with the use of keywords on site and you rank. Well, I am not a supporter of the people who say SEO is dead but yes this form of SEO no longer exists. Since content is the king, SEO can be called its Queen. These both play a great role in fetching traffic to your platform, help stand out and make it a brand name eventually.


Most of the crowd out there take SEO for wrong as they pay attention to what they think search engines prefer rather than paying attention to the user. While focusing on perking up your product, user experience, and service, there are more chances of ranking higher on the search engine.

Google algorithms are changing every other day. There is one or two modification that you will experience and that is certainly equal to a lot of changes. But the problem that SEO encounters here is this with a change in SEO and its processing, people’s expectations and what SEO can do are not changing and keeping pace with the reality.

However, be it the user or the operator, everyone accessing the SEO for better ranking need to know how even the least amount of efforts can bring a big change in the picture. So without further ado below are the exclusive tips for this:

Describe what you actually want

For your SEO team to do the best, it is important for them to know what exactly they want from SEO. It is necessary to make out if you want brand visibility, fetch more traffic, and improve sales, more ad impressions or all these things? Once you are clear about what you want to accomplish it become a lot easier than.

Try to become a Brand

Whether good or bad, but this is true that Google gives priority to brands in the SERPs and there is hardly any change expected in this direction. Now here it is not important that to be a renowned brand, you need to spend billion dollars on marketing, all that’s required is a well-planned marketing strategy.

It is recommended to be active on social media channels, have a design that works both on mobile and desktop and have an audience that engages with you. Additionally, there is a need to be extraordinary from the crowd, have things worth talking and sharing. Once you have this, you can check your growth while checking the number of searches for your brand name performed monthly. For instance: We can say Veramoda is a brand not because it had a lot of money to spend on the advertisement and marketing, but simply because it had stuff worth talking about and sharing. It had a targeted audience and a plan to fulfill their expectations. With that came in the money which built the brand!

Excuse being Cheap

SEO can definitely bring a lot of traffic than any other type of online marketing present there. But here it is important to note that this is a long-time goal, which makes SEO an investment.

To make it more clear there are mainly two types of SEO. One is Souvenir where you get only what you pay for. It may offer you some short-term benefits and won’t stand well at the test of time. Another is Heirloom SEO which is good enough to pass on to the generations. If performing the right way, it is about building the actual value which stands firm at the test time, but it is important to note that doing this level of SEO is not cheap at all. There is a need to hire writers of high quality, web developers, and designers for creating the worthy links. It also needs maintaining relationships with the editors and writers who are actually interested to favor the entrepreneurs. Heirloom SEO may be a bit costly but it is effective. It actually works to make your site a better place to visit.

Be Good: Functionally as well as Visually

Due to the rapid progress of technology, better services and products are popping up at a high pace. And together with so much number of options available and the quality, it is moving forward at an incredible speed.

The best part is users have got a very good number of options. And the contrary is there is less time to focus and offer the things that they choose to use. This is the reason you have to work really hard to stand out. And here it is important to note that Google restricts the sites that fail to secure organic traffic as the time goes by. So, here buying the top engine search results are not what you want, but it is important to earn these top positions on the SERPs.

If you build it, there is no chance of losing at all. Google has become the most valuable brand on earth not because it has got something exclusive and genuine, but because it wins over its users visually while living up to it functionally. That’s what makes it Google!

With this, every SEO basically has a goal to make the client’s sites and the businesses better than before. They are concerned about the sites and are ready to accept easily: be it the success or the failure of the website. If you keep these above-mentioned things in mind, you will get more than you even expected of.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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