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Are you thinking about how to migrate Kerio Connect to Office 365 instantly? Then read this article that will explain for complete Kerio Connect to Office 365 migration. Although Kerio Connect is a function-rich & powerful mail solution for calendar, mail, quick messaging & collaboration, but it is not useful for all types of companies which searching for large commercial mail solutions. So there are lots of users who are looking for a solution a perfect data migration from Kerio to another server.

Kerio Connect

When Kerio was provided in 2001, it became one of the first groupware solutions proving a complete & well-developed mail solution. Even as it has developed considerably since then, still it has some drawbacks which may affect large organizations so lots of companies go for migration to MS Exchange / Office 365 because MS Office & Exchange Server are the perfect products of Microsoft to manage data for large, small & medium organizations.

Why Users Migrate from Kerio Connect to Office 365

For the inexpert, Kerio Connect is particularly provided for medium & small businesses. But when the organizations grow up in size, their needs also grow. The mail solutions that were eligible to work in the past would not be useful in the present. A large organization needs highly developed commercial level functions, with good control and security.

Even Kerio Connect is a good enterprise-level mail solution; it has few drawbacks which can be resolved only with new mail solutions. Infect, Kerio is made around mail as the primary means of collaboration even it is having functions such as instant mailing. On the other side, MS Office 365, is created around cloud that is a bundle entire productivity app including mails, notes, contacts, calendar & many more.

Despite the competition, Microsoft Team carries on to be the market manager when it provides to cloud supported mail solutions. There is one of the first organizations which provide products with multiple site severance. Microsoft has demoralized its advantage to good effect. At the end of April 2019, MS Office 365 had 180 million users approx.

If you are handling Outlook with Kerio and you may have a very slow experience. Reasonably, Kerio Connect doesn’t put together well with MS Outlook. The MS Outlook is the best experienced with MS Exchange, as we know both of them are Microsoft apps and easily merge together productively. There are multiple aspects that make Office 365 is a reliable option than Kerio Connect.

Why MS Office 365 is Smarter than Kerio?

We know that the Office 365 is provided by Microsoft Office for business level and it can be connected by Outlook for data importing process. By large user-supported, including its considerable workforce, Microsoft not only manages to check its products with Office 365 better than it’s almost competitors but also provided new editions generally with effective functions on new technologies at usual intervals of time.

There is also a component of familiarity & inheritance. As the popularity of systems around the world use Microsoft tools as a business package, by Office 365 provides an added benefits of integrating popular Office programs flawlessly. MS Office 365 provides One-Drive, SharePoint, Yammer, Teams, Power BI that is in the O365 subscription package.

No doubt that nobody can bang Microsoft Team efforts to database safety. Microsoft Team is well known that data security is the primary need of users and it gets together almost the entire conformity needs of the business. O365 provides advanced functions – Threat Safety & O365 Cloud App Safety that is possibly the most wide-ranging safety package for huge enterprises. It is combined with Exchange Management Shell that permits the admin to create low-level configuration changes & script batch changes which are the perfect solution for entire types of enterprises.

Kerio Mailbox to Office 365 Migration

When users have decided to migrate from Kerio Connect to MS Exchange (Outlook) which comes with the Office 365 subscription, or need to directly migrate from Kerio Connect database to Office 365 then users required handling the presented options. Depending on the size of the data to be migrated, there are lots of tools available for quick Kerio to Office 365 migration, but it may also be done without handling of the apps.

Such as Kerio Converter can migrate all Kerio files to Office 365 without loss of data. It doesn’t only migrate Kerio Mails but also migrate contacts, calendar, notes, task, etc to Office 365. It is absolutely developed and supports all well-tested functions to get complete, instant & quick Kerio Connect to Office 365. It supports Item Filters function which helps to export selective items that you need for migration into Office 365.

Kerio Mailbox to Office 365 Migration

To know about how to migrate from Kerio to Office 365 in simple steps, follow the given working steps –

  • Download Kerio Export and launch it on your desktop screen.
  • Select Kerio database files by provided options – (you can also migrate multiple Kerio users’ accounts data to O365 at once by ticking on the checkbox of I am converting multiple users option).
  • Then the app, adds all selected data and also shows them including checkbox, tick on the checkbox of the file which wants to export in Office 365 directly.
  • Now choose Office 365 as saving option from provided multiple options.
  • Then fill the actual login detail of Office 365 cloud account and choose other desired options. Click on the Connect button.
  • The Kerio Connect to Office 365 migration starts and completes with a confirmation message.

Therefore, follow the above mentioned simple steps and you can also migrate 25 items from Kerio files to Office 365 absolutely free of cost and take complete trust for the migration.

Over to You!!!

Now you can evaluate the efficiency of this app yourself and clear your all doubts for resolving how to migrate from Kerio to O365 query. Now you can powerfully resolve how to migrate from Kerio Connect to Office 365 with all data details query and judge yourself regarding the Kerio Connect mail server to Office 365.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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