All About 5 Most Common Office 365 Issues

Most Common Office 365 Issues

Hello, readers if you are searching for the same to find out the most common Office 365 issues or problems that a user faces then you are on the right page. As it is obvious that Microsoft has the biggest name of its own in terms of its popularity and its good quality of services. But after all these, even Microsoft has some common problems in their services.

Most Common Office 365 Issues

So, today we are going to discuss all the known common office 365 issues which a user encounters when they are using their services.

5 Most Common Office 365 Issues

Issue #1: Ownership Limit

Office 365 is developed by Microsoft and is hosted only in their data centers and only by accessible Microsoft authorized specialists. Microsoft itself takes the responsibility to ensure the overall Office 365 maintenance and support. Okay, to understand that let us take a case. Suppose, if you have a workflow performance issue then you will have to address to Microsoft Support. But Microsoft sometimes takes too long to give the response of the user queries, so this might be didn’t provide you with an immediate solution to your problem. This means that Microsoft decides to introduce updates and launch a new feature.

Due to this issue, most of the companies opt for the hybrid deployment so that they are benefited by the collaboration capabilities. Along with this, they have control over the on-premises part of the development.

Issue #2: Performance Issue

Performance issues is also a part of office 365 risks and issues and can occur due to limited control over the implementation. Microsoft guaranteed to provide you a by default 99.9% Office 365 uptime and support with financially backed SLA. And if a user’s uptime is less than 99.9% then, Microsoft provides the service credits.

If we talk about the case of March 2007, then due to the intermittent Office 365 outage, many users from all over the world had to face difficulties in accessing their Skype for Business, Outlook, and OneDrive account. Also, many subscribers face the brokage problem in Exchange Online. An organization like Microsoft needs a plan B to deal with the Office 365 downtimes.

Issue #3: Security Concerns

As we all know, security is one of the important core domain and a part of most common office 365 problems where companies like Microsoft invests heavily. And still, the companies are always worried about the security and always try to remove the loopholes. Whereas, if we talk about Microsoft then it will provide a multi-layer office 365 security to get ensured via built-in security, physical protection, and customer control. Even after all these workouts, companies are worried about losing the data over the cloud systems.

As per the fact, In August 2017, there is a big leakage in the security of the Microsoft 365 of the email address and username across the multi-tenant dashboard. Office 365 is a frequent destination of the cybercriminals who perform brute-force attacks and spreading malware to disrupt the deployments. Apart from this, Exchange online is also the most attractive target site for hackers to steal the vulnerable data of corporate and private data from the subscribers’ email.

Refer to Know The Office 365 Email Retention Policy

Although Microsoft didn’t sit quietly in this condition so, to avoid security issues, office 365 admin monitors their deployments via Office 365 security centers. While the Organization has to pay particular attention to access control and user permission to prevent the confidential data from the third-parties and also ensures employees to follow device security policy.

Issue #4: Compliance Boundaries

Compliance is another main problem of the organization who are considering Office 365 as their collaboration platform. As the different applications of Office 365 have a different compliance category described in the dedicated Compliance Framework. Organizations that have Office 365 compliance requirements can address their challenges to Microsoft or Office 365 consultants. It may be the most concern able part of Office 365 most common problem.

Issue #5: Customization challenges

Office 365 provides a user provides a bunch of enterprise subscriptions attractive for both small and large business. Mainly the big companies provide more flexible software to adapt to the specific business environment. Office 365 offers multiple apps and services to choose the companies most suitable one. But the updates provided by the Microsoft can impact on their previous existing customization.

How To Keep Away From Most Common Office 365 issues

Initiating investigation is recommended to solve common Office 365 issues and risks in detail, where dealing with several aspects can differ. By knowing all the challenges before you start working on Office 365 you can access all the pros and cons of implementing Office 365. If you are not ready to take the challenges on your own then for that case, you can take the help of the third party office 365 consulting teams which easily provide you assistance on the relevant topic.

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