React Native

React Native vs. Real Native Apps- Which is Better?

Mobile phones have made our life simpler like no other thing. It does have some massive effect on lives. But, we cannot deny the fact that life is easier with a smartphone. Since there is a subsequent increase in the number of smartphone users, the need to introduce new applications have also increased. Mobile applications […]

Social Media Provide
Social Media

Social Media in Different fields of Our Daily Lives

Social media is generally known as web 2.0 internet based applications. Social media provide you way to contact with your love ones. Generally, we used to use phone and videos to communicate with each other, but today social media becomes a fast and easy way to communicate. Social media also known as the electric tool […]

Product Page

Effective checklists to improve your Product Page with Magento

In this digital age, people are getting an addiction to online shopping. So, to stand in this healthy competition of online business, you must have an impressive product page. The product page is the most important factor that realizes your customer that they are purchasing the right product. If your product page is not effective, […]

Happy Birthday Google

Infographic: Happy Birthday Google

Google has gone from zero to almost a trillion of every 20 years—in pages and esteem. The tech monster, which was joined September 4, 1998, commends its twentieth commemoration Tuesday. The organization has a market capitalization of more than $850 billion, says it has recorded several billions of pages and knows about more than 100 […]

Disk Usage Bug

How to Fix 100% Disk Usage Bug on Windows 10

The 100% disk usage bug on Windows may not be so common or it could be easily unnoticed until you dig deep into your system settings to find out the possible cause of slow PC performance. This interactive bug makes your system unresponsive or sometime cause lags and crashes. Your system may even freeze to […]

Instagram Stories

Infographic: Use Instagram Stories to Showcase Your Product

Have you been using Instagram Stories to promote your business? Or you’re not even sure what Instagram Stories are? Don’t feel too bad if you haven’t started yet. There is so much information about social media all over the place that no one really seems to be able to get a handle on all of […]

Exchange Toolkit

Exchange Toolkit: How to Manage Exchange Mailboxes Issues Effortlessly

For Exchange Administrator managing Exchange mailboxes in an efficient way is very a challenging task. Different issues arise in Exchange such as corruption in EDB files, exporting Exchange mailbox files in other file format supported by various email client etc. Now, the user can eliminate all the issues and challenges associated with the Exchange mailbox […]