React Native vs. Real Native Apps- Which is Better?

React Native

Mobile phones have made our life simpler like no other thing. It does have some massive effect on lives. But, we cannot deny the fact that life is easier with a smartphone. Since there is a subsequent increase in the number of smartphone users, the need to introduce new applications have also increased. Mobile applications are made to make our life easier and hassle-free. Since every developer is trying to deliver the best. They often find themselves stuck with a question – which is better Real native apps or React native apps?

React Native

Now to solve this problem I will be explaining both the app development techniques. I will be explaining both the techniques and will also be listing their pros and cons.

What is React Native?

React Native Apps

React Native is a framework for developing a mobile application. This open source framework is capable of transferring concepts of web development to mobile development. The developing language used us JavaScript. So, with your excellent Java skills, you may develop a great mobile application. The resultants through this framework are similar to that of the real native framework. This was some basic explanation. Let us now look at the advantages and disadvantages of react native framework.


  • Flexible Coding– Since react native frame is an open source framework; the developers are allowed to freely experiment with their codes. This flexibility certainly increases the chance of getting great results. One might inspect codes to make sure that they get a better understanding of the framework. After launch modifications like adding new features, fixing bugs, etc. becomes easy with react native framework.
  • Time-Saving – Well, the best part of adopting this framework is, it saves a lot of our time. It eliminates the process of creating different codes for the different operating system. A developer may use the same codes for IOS devices as well as Android devices.
  • Easy Adaptation– If you are among those web-turned-mobile developers and trying mobile development for the first time, this framework is just for you. It won’t be much difficult for a web developer to make mobile apps using react native framework. This transition happens smoothly because it also uses JavaScript as its styling language. A web developer is generally familiar with JavaScript. Learning some unknown elements won’t be a difficult task.


  • Designing – Since IOS and Android are two different operating systems. They both have an extremely different user interface. App the applications look different in each of them. So, factually the graphics interface of the application might match in both the OS. But, the placement of the elements will be slightly different. So, this may create further confusions and increase the task.
  • API Support– Before you choose to develop an app with react native framework, you must know this little fact. React active framework does not support all of the APIs. There still some APIs that needs to be introduced into this framework. However, these do support some of the most common APIs. This can be avoided by learning a little deeper into the API module.
  • New in The Market– React Native framework have been recently introduced. They were launched in 2015. Although the framework has gained a lot of popularity, it hasn’t matured yet. The chances of you running into an unknown and getting no help are quite high. The digital libraries having information about react native framework is too limited. Your instant source of help is just your co-developers.

What is Real Native Framework?

Real Native Apps

This is a completely different framework. Also, this is one of the most commonly used frameworks. There are various reason people choose this framework quite often; we will probably discuss that later. When using a real native framework, a developer will need to code differently for the different operating system. For instance, to develop an app for the android device, they must use JavaScript and Kotlin language. Same happens in the case of developing apps for an IOS device.


  • API Support– The best part about a real native framework is that is support all the APIs. No involvement of external factors or third parties is required in case of this framework. Moreover, you will be easily able to access all the available APIs.
  • Bigger In Terms Of Community– Since the real native framework was introduced long back, it does have a bigger community. This is yet another very significant benefit of the real native framework. We have all sorts of support available by our side to help us solve unexpected errors.
  • Easy Language– The real native framework is not very difficult to understand. The framework does not make things complex and detecting error becomes easy. The real native framework works with the help of Swift and Kotlin languages which are strict in their nature. Learning codes won’t be challenging.


  • Time Taking– The real native framework is a time costing procedure. The coding process takes time as it involves different coding for a different operating system. Making component perfect and flawless will certainly consume a lot of time. If you do not have a lot of time in your hand, you might just go with react native framework.
  • Difficult Adaptation– This framework is a little difficult to adapt. If you were previously a web developer, you might face difficulties developing an app with this framework. Programming language requires a lot of time to learn. Knowing just HTML doesn’t work with this framework. A developer should be well aware with at least the basic of Kotlin and Swift to develop great applications.


React native Application

Both of the frameworks have their own pros and cons. But, we must go with something that suits our need. People have been using react native framework and have loved its results. React native framework for developing an application is slightly easier as compared to the real native framework. They enable faster developing of apps.

In contrast, Real native application consumes a lot of time because of the different coding process. But, on the other hand, real natives are absolutely compatible with all the APIs. Now, if you are a web developer having just the basic knowledge of mobile app development. You must consider React native framework for developing your mobile application. But, if you are well aware of mobile app development, you may go for the real native framework.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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