Effective checklists to improve your Product Page with Magento

Product Page

In this digital age, people are getting an addiction to online shopping. So, to stand in this healthy competition of online business, you must have an impressive product page. The product page is the most important factor that realizes your customer that they are purchasing the right product.

Product Page

If your product page is not effective, then you never increase your conversion rate. In any eCommerce store, the conversion rate is the most important thing to get profit. To encourage the customer to make a purchase and open their wallet is a challenging task. In this article, I will share with you to boost the conversion rate with an improvement in the product page.

1. Amazing Product Image

Selling to any customer is all about presentation. When you show any product with attractive angels, quality and better look, then you make the positive effect on customer’s mind to buy it.

In online shopping, 9 out of 10 people say that product image will affect the purchase decision. Quality of product’s image directly affects sales of any product. Especially in an eCommerce business, you can show your product’s quality by showing them effective product images. Making amazing product images is the first priority in the eCommerce store because your visitors are not able to touch or interact with it.

eCommerce Store

Each product image is in uniform size and format. In product Images, provide 360-degree view of any product. If your product has different colors and materials, then you must have images for each. You have to put zoom able images so that your customer’s get proper idea about your product. Don’t make too much editing in product image but make it realistic and good.

2. Custom Option Features

Displaying the only image doesn’t make impression on customer’s mind for making a purchase. Images look very effective rather than just showing the name of the color.

Demonstrate your clients an amplified perspective of the alternatives in the tooltip to show your amazing products in a more upgraded see. Wow your visitors showing them product image as per their custom options selection.

Show your products also more eye-catching with brilliant images, zooming out in a pop-up from the custom options facilities. From this, your customer gets exact idea about how your product will appear in different custom options and which suits on them best.

Custom Option Feature

It is a distinct expectation of the visitors that when an option is clicked, everything must be changed in the place of the primary image. There are several custom option manager extensions are available in the market.

3. Product Descriptions That Sell Not Tell

The product description is another important thing that helps visitors to make a purchase. Your Product summary must contain enough information about your product so that shoppers feel that they choose the right product.

Make your product description helpful not salesy. Do not make promotion content of your product. Only include the information that your visitors care about. Separate product description and product specification.

Almost 75% of visitors read the short description first rather than a whole long description. So, provide a short and long description of your product. You have to present your description in an easy and clear way.

Use generalize words. Don’t use complicated words and vocabularies. Make short and easy sentences. Avoid long sentences.

4. Use Clear Call to Action Buttons

The conversion rate of any product page depends on its CTA buttons. The main goal of the product page is to get your visitors to click on CTA buttons. Through CTA buttons you let know your shoppers that what is the next step for buying.

Conversion Rate

Yes, one more important thing is the color of the CTA button also effects on getting clicks. As per the survey, people have a different mindset for the color of the button. Your CTA button must be matched with the design and color theme of your website.

Size and text of CTA buttons also effect on getting clicks. Make your button large so that it’s easily visible on your product page. Your text of button should be perfect so that makes the visitor take action.

5. Product Demo Videos

As you know in online shopping shoppers can’t touch your product physically. So, to earn their trust in your product and making a decision to purchase your product, product videos play an effective role.

Product images are good but product videos are better. A good and informative video does not only give information about your product to the customer but it also drives enough traffic to your site. If your product video is very informative and good, then you also get traffic from YouTube on your site.

Generally, people are interested in watching a video rather reading description. Through video, your customer feels a personal touch with your product. Video gives you chance to sell your product.

6. Display Customers reviews and rating

As the general mindset of a human being, we all check reviews and rating of the product before making a purchase. Through product review, they judge your product and make the decision for purchasing it.

Customer Rating

So, start collecting reviews from customers. If you get negative reviews, then don’t afraid of it. You can add negative reviews to improve your product and business. Always answer to negative reviews with professional and respectable way.

Appreciate the customer who gave a positive review to your product. You can show how many numbers of review each product has. Your customers compare your product review to other product available on the market.

In Conclusion

So, above are the important checklists to improve your product page. Product page plays an effective role in the eCommerce business. The product page is the page from where the customer makes a decision that whether they should purchase the product or not.

The product page is a significant part of the client’s buying process and will specifically affect the benefit of your business, so it’s essential to hit the nail on the head. The main goal of optimizing product page is to get organic traffic and increase conversion rate or sales.

In this guide, we’ve taken a gander at the components that will add to a value product page and some of this steps you can take it today to improve your product page. Happy reading…!

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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