7 Quick Fire Ways of Increase Traffic to your Websites

Increase Traffic

It is easy for a person to setup a website nowadays. Several technologies have flourished greatly, and one can use different platforms for developing a website. Further, one can even you modern day digital graphics, which are fascinating and appealing. Designing tools and web frameworks are the perfect blend for developing marvelous websites. One may develop a beautiful website with crunchy content and catchy graphics easily, but one will find it difficult to promote it online. There exists an intense competition among several websites to get a higher rank in the search engines results, and to drive more traffic towards them.

Increase Traffic
Increase Traffic

To survive this bottleneck competition, and to attract more relevant crowd for the website, one can implement the following 7 ways. These techniques have been shared by digital marketing experts, who provide SEO Services in Canada. Here are the 7 quick ways to attract more people for your website.

1. Start with relevant content on the website

People love to read crunchy content. If you burden them with ample content, then they will leave your website. Keep your content short and distinct. Keep the grammar in check and take efforts to deliver your messages in a succinct manner. Today’s internet crowd does not prefer reading the entire article, and it is advisable to keep short excerpts of the articles or blogs presented. Also, format the content in an attractive way. Experts practicing SEO in Toronto use attractive modules to present content on the website. This helps in keeping the visitors on the website, and maintains their enthusiasm.

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2. Provide what your audience wants

Many businesses, which go online, present their websites as product catalogs. The product catalogs are an informative piece of content, and they do not attract visitors. Follow the user-friendly approach of identifying the needs and requirements of the people. Identify the relevant audience for your website, and then design it accordingly. You cannot expect a large number of people on a business website, which is designed on the theme of social media website. Similarly, catch graphics are preferred for social websites, dealing with public relations. Analyse your traffic with the Google Webmaster tools, or sign up for an account with Alexa.com or Quantcast.com. People will recommend your website, only when they find it interesting.

3. Do high quality link building

Search Engine Optimization is truly essential for driving people towards your website. However, it does not mean you go on collecting backlinks from irrelevant websites. Find the niche for your website, and then plan your SEO strategy accordingly. Link Building plays a key role in every SEO strategy, and make sure you get only quality back links. If you were to link to out-of-niche websites, or low ranking websites, then you will only get irrelevant crowd or no crowd at all. Experts practicing SEO in Toronto are known to use Backlinks from high PR websites. This improves the visibility of the website in the search engine results and attracts more people.

4. Plan keywords carefully with Google Keyword tool and Google Insights

People will visit your website, only when they search for it. No one searches for the whole product or service. Instead, people search for some associated keywords or terms associated with the products or service. Companies providing SEO Services in Canada are known to target few main keywords and several linked keywords. Similarly, they are also known to use relevant terminology suitable for a business. Stop generalizing, and stick with the business jargon. People will find your website worth recommending, once it starts appearing in the relevant searches they make.

5. Do lots of advertising

You cannot attract crowd quickly if you don’t advertise. People will become aware of your website, only when you inform them the nature of service you provide. Do online advertising of your website. There are 2 kinds of advertising – free advertising and paid advertising. For free advertising, you can post classifieds on free web directories. For paid advertising, you can opt for PPC programs provided by various search portals and internet companies. You can even contact many popular blogs and websites, and pay them to advertise your website.

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6. Actively use Social media websites

Many social networking websites have become popular within the last decade. Social websites like Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in building rapport with people, and attract several new people to your website. Social media websites play a key role for spreading the message across the world, without having to invest extra on online marketing. Companies which provide services for Social Media Marketing in Toronto heavily target the social networking websites. These websites also help in building valuable backlinks along with online promotion.

7. Use of Press releases and visual teasers

Press releases play a vital role in informing people about the new product and service updates. They also help search engines to index your websites in a better way. Press releases are short, and convey message succinctly. Another such technique is visual advertising, which aims to share images on platforms like Pinterest. Companies dealing with Social Media Marketing in Toronto actively use such methods for promoting websites. This help in improving the awareness of your website among the people.

About Author: I am Jeson Tailor. I am working with the CGmentor Inc. We provide Social Media Marketing Services in Toronto. I have completed my Graduation in Computer Application. My interests are writing and listening music.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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