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The prospect of getting listed on the first page of a Search Engine (or Google – let’s be specific) can seem a daunting task. That’s logical considering how vast an ocean Google really is. But with a bit of smart optimization, the task is quite achievable. There are a number of SEO tactics that you can employ to work your site up the Google listings, the most effective among them is getting backlinks to your site. We recommend going to SEMrush for building high quality links.


First, let’s quickly examine why sites get to the top of SERPs. They do so mainly due to 2 reasons – their on-site factors and off-site factors. On-site factors mainly involve keyword density – whether relevant keywords are being used in the URL, title, heading, description, and content of the site.

Even more important are the off-site factors like Page rank, backlinks and directory listing. So, the primary reason for those sites having a top search listing is that they have a lot of sites linking back to them and each of those link’s acts as a citation or a vote to the site it is pointing to.

You can check the number of links pointing back to your site by searching for the following phrases:

Google: link: Your site URL

Yahoo: linkdomain: Yoursite URL

** Yahoo normally gives a more detailed result on the links. That doesn’t make it a better Search Engine than Google though:-)

Now it doesn’t suffice that you have tons of backlinks to your site. What also matters is the quality of the sites from where you’re getting the backlinks.

It is like saying that the weight of a citation or a vote depends on who is giving it. So, a citation from apple.com would mean much more than one from any xyz.com. Straight forward, right? For that matter, if you happen to get a backlink from apple.com, you’ll be done with your SEO for life. Pretty easy folks!!

OK more seriously, the value of a backlink goes up dramatically when it happens to come from a higher page-ranked source. As a matter of fact, getting a backlink from a site ranked 1 place higher than another is equivalent to getting 100 backlinks from the latter. Hence what you need is a combination of quantity and quality of backlinks. A page rank is a measurement to give insight into a site’s global link popularity which goes back to how many sites are linking back to them as well as the importance of those sites. That explains the relationship between page rank and backlinks.

Along with link popularity, it is also important to have a link reputation which is to do with anchor text. The anchor text is the word or phrase on which the backlink exists and it should contain the keywords that you’re competing for. Care should also be taken that the anchor text is relevant to the content on the site to which the link is pointing to or else you might get penalized sooner or later. And with SEO it always makes sense to look long-term as it is built over a period of time.

Now if all these seem arduous and complicated, take a moment and analyse how much it is worth. It works much better than paid Ads in more ways than one. Firstly, it is much lighter on your wallet comparatively as you’ll be spending a fraction of the amount and secondly, it persists, unlike paid Ads which will stop showing the moment you don’t pay for them.

Of course, it takes time and is not an overnight solution like paid Ads. But you’re incrementally improving your page rank by consistently building backlinks and that helps you in the long run. It takes you to the top in time and keeps you there. That’s why it is worth all the time and effort.

7 Top Tips to Boost Backlinks Building

Tip #1) All your efforts need to look natural to the search engines. This is your first rule in building backlinks, and if natural growth is shown to be taking place, search engines will support and reward your efforts. After all, they need those backlinks to deliver their quality too and to determine how important your site really is.

Tip #2) Certainly, another important point, is that during your natural link building campaign, your backlinks must be fortified by something really valuable for search engines. An example of real value would be a link from a unique blog post or a site with heavy content within your niche would be ideal. Here are some best SEO and Keyword Research tools that can help you boost your website rankings.

Tip #3) Make absolutely sure that your link is from a non-duplicate page. There are some sites that might need to use duplicate content. If a site is selling a product for let’s say English speaking countries, then each country site would have the same content with only some elements of localization.

Google may perhaps see a link from a site such as this type as being a link from a duplicate page and might give it a lesser rating. So hopefully it is easier to make sure that your links come from non-duplicate pages.

Tip #4) Your backlink should hopefully always be from a relevant site. However, though, there is some dispute about the validity of this point amongst some SEO folks. However, it is more than likely safe to say that Google weights a link from a relevant site, higher than one from a non-relevant site.

What this translates into is that if you have a site selling USB flash drives, a link from a site that sells green light globes, may not be quite as effective as a site selling hard disk drives might be, it all makes sense. Remember from a previous article, that Google does support the principle that incoming links are harmless.

That is, a webmaster is not necessarily responsible as to who links to the site and should not be penalized for this. However, it still goes back to the basic concept that links need to be relevant ones to be most powerful.

Tip #5) Be careful that the backlink building is not too sudden. Google’s spiders crawling your site will start to wonder if your backlinks are built too rapidly. This is especially important when your site is still very new because having a new site suddenly show up scores or even hundreds of backlinks in a short time can look rather sad!

Tip #6) Always try and show a variety of anchor links, anchor texts are the words you use to hyperlink to your own site. If you constantly use the same keywords then the search engines might start realizing that this link has been manufactured. In other words, it is not a natural link.

For instance, if your keywords are USB flash drives, and you use these same words every time you link back to your site, then it will start becoming obvious that a keyword is being promoted rather than a natural backlink being created.

Tip #7) The site or page to which you are building backlinks, must have your main keyword, preferably in the title tag. If you are linking flash drives in the anchor text as this is your keyword, then you need to ensure that the page the hyperlink is targeting has this keyword in it also.

Select keywords that do not have huge competition. If you are trying to compete against keywords used by big institutions such as banks or computer companies, then you will not be able to achieve any great leverage benefits from your backlinks, as you are competing against sites with many, many backlinks.

Wrapping Lines!!!

The power of backlinks can never be underestimated. This is because an ample amount of traffic to the varied sites always comes from other websites. It is not a normal condition in this era for someone to knock your website URL direct into the browser.

I sincerely hope you will utilize these great tips to give your backlink building project, a real shot of juice, and a chance to catapult your website or page, to the front of the Google search queue. Good luck guys!

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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