Dating In the Digital Age

As innovation and inventions mold and shape our world in different ways, our common practices adapt to the changing contexts around them. Such has been the case with dating. Where you used to meet people at social gatherings, you now meet them in the online pool of online dating apps. The emergence of dating in […]

3D Printing

New Possibilities in Medical 3D Printing

If you have ever watched an episode of Star Trek or a comparable sci-fi show, you have probably seen characters need a tool or an item and simply create it out of seemingly thin air. You have probably wished for the same level of technology that could make “replicating” or creating a needed tool or […]


Best Ways to Manage User Permission for Your Business

The digital marketing industry is reliant upon collecting consumer data. If you’re conducting a business in the modern world, you’re no doubt relying upon just that aspect. Without knowledge of your consumer base, you wouldn’t be able to develop, launch, or market your products effectively. Since collecting user data requires their permission, there’s a whole […]