6 Killer Tips to Improve Readability Score on WordPress?

Readability Score
88 / 100

When you submit your content online then it must be easily understandable so that your readers can effortlessly comprehend what you are trying to convey. If no one can understand your brilliantly written article content or blog post content then there is no point in posting or even writing. In simple words, it just a waste of time.

Readability Score

If you usually write technical articles and content for legal documents then it will be quite difficult for you to write a basic level of content. So, in this case, it’s good to keep proper track of your content’s readability as you write rather than trying to polish your writing once your blog post is finished.

If you are writing for the common public and wish that they can easily understand your message or information that you are trying to give then the best readability score to goal for is at a readability grade level of 8 or lesser.

Still, wondering what is readability score? why it is very important? how to improve readability score in WordPress? Then this blog post till the end. In this, we will unpack for you all the answers to these questions.

Let’s start…

What Is Readability Score?

In simple words, how simple and effortless to read and understand your article/blog post is. Sounds obvious, right? But because so many folks read at different levels like what a Ph.D.’s student considers readable is completely different as compared to what a fresh mind in school or university does. Also, one more simple example is that what is readable to me could not be readable for you.

But you no need to worry because there are several readability tests tools easily accessible online. Through these tools, you can recognize at unevenly what level a reader requires to be to comprehend your content. Also, there are other metrics as well as scales out there that take diverse elements into consideration, and few are very much subjective than others.

But for the majority part, this is what perfectly goes into evaluating readability:

  • Length of the sentence
  • The level of the vocabulary
  • Active vs passive voice
  • Length of the paragraph
  • So many petite sentences give the text a staccato feeling of beginning and stopping too frequently
  • So many lengthy sentences make the text feel heavy and reason the reader to lose focus
  • Type of headers and use of headers
  • The general length of each word
  • Use of proper punctuation

As we said, there are manifold readability tests that you can use, but one of the widely demanded and highly used is the WordPress readability score plugins.

WordPress Tools for Readability Score Check

In WordPress posts, there are abundant WordPress plugins that you can unquestionably use to add a readability score. If you are WordPress’s loyal friend and using WordPress AIOSEO plugin for a very long time then you are very lucky. Because this plugin comes with an in-built content scrutiny tool. This tool thoroughly checks your content’s readability and also makes recommendations.

If you are working on your latest post then you need to scroll down to the AIOSEO meta box and after that, you will see the content analysis just below the focus keyword column. This plugin also has a bunch of other easy but interesting features to facilitate you to increase your readability score and also boost your WordPress SEO (search engine optimization) so you can happily get good but more relevant traffic.

Important Tips to Improve Readability Score on WordPress

Always write in a way that’s quite simple to understand. Maximum methods that increase readability are also rooted in easy, common-sense practices. So, let’s take a swift look at some of the most significant tactics you’ll want to use.

Tip #1. Try To Keep Your Sentences Petite

The lengthier a sentence is, the more problematic it is to comprehend. Even though there’s no complete limit, the best rule of thumb is that sentences must hardly be longer than 20 to 25 words.

It’s nearly tiring to attempt and get through this complete sentence, with no breakdowns between thoughts. By excruciating this up into sensible portions, we get a much more understandable section of text.

Tip #2. Paragraph Should Be Succinct

As with sentences, writing your paragraphs succinct is a very swift method to increase readability. A paragraph hardly requires to be extended than five to six sentences or so and must preferably revolve around a solitary subject.

Small paragraphs are easy to read. You can even include a one sentence in a paragraph. You need to craft your blog post, by considering scanners and speed-readers. Notifications from social media or from other sources can easily distract readers.

Readers won’t miss a single point if you break the blog post into smaller chunks. A blog post may contain lots of blank space. It will surely reduce the probabilities of skipping a line from the readers. This will make the blog post more scannable.

Tip #3. Always Add Catchy Text Headers to Break Up Your Content

Simply as you must break up your paragraphs, it’s best to distinct sections of your content by using common headers. Not merely will this make your blog post simpler to scan, but it’s extremely vital for ensuring accessibility.

You can see this in habit or practice on so many writers or most blogs, and even  within this blog post too. Separating the related paragraphs into clearly-defined sections, it’s made obvious to the reader what they contain and how the content as a whole is structured.

Tip #4. Never Ever Use Difficult Words

So many times, you just can’t evade using difficult words, particularly if you’re writing for a specific niche. Though, it’s good to use easy and understandable alternatives as frequently as possible. For instance, rather than writing in a word like expeditious, you’ll find a similar result by just using quick.

Despite the fact it’s enticing to comprise five-dollar words in your blog post to make it sound more striking, this eventually just makes your content more blurred. Always think that your ultimate objective is to communicate successfully, not to impress readers with your brilliant vocabulary.

Tip #5. Convert passive to active voice

The more active voice you use, the more readability score you get.

Passive voice is comparatively harder to understand. You can easily notice the difficulty in reading when the sentence becomes longer and complicated.

Many of the text editors, including MS Word, are suggesting you to use active voice over the passive one.

Sentences in the passive voice are passive, sounds indirect, and most importantly they are not appealing.

Whereas sentences written in the active voice are shorter, active, direct, strong, and appealing. Using active voice in the sentences is the best way to increase readability score.

Tip #6. Try To Write Briefly

No matter what you’re writing about, it’s usually an excellent idea to be as succinct as you can. Evade filling your content with pointless filler, and try to cut out segments that don’t add anything to your general point. These only confuse the reader and make it a reduced amount of likely that they’ll read all the way through to the conclusion.

Shortness put on at all stages of your writing. We’ve already conversed the significance of keeping your sentences as well as paragraphs petite, for instance. Yet it’s also imperative to look at your article/blog post as a whole, and ensure you aren’t padding it out needlessly.

Conclusion – The Last Paragraph

A readability score is an excellent tool just to know and rectify your own mistakes. Sometimes it is quite aching to know that other people do not comprehend your thoughts as you see them.

Also, on the other side, everyone will easily recognize how to communicate and must use a similar strategy while writing. This is why the concept of readability is very important. Not only this will improve your writing skills, but it can also be a benefit to your weblog SEO.

Advanced readability score tools permit us to automate the major part of the analytics and get objective advice on every single content you write.

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips to Improve Readability Score for WordPress. Do like or comment if you have really liked it.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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6 Killer Tips to Improve Readability Score on WordPress?