Google Drive Migrator to Move Files from Google Drive

Google Drive Migrator

Nowadays, cloud-based service users are increasing more frequently. Besides, the users are having different cloud platforms to manage and save data over the cloud. Amongst all, Google Drive is the most commonly used web service application. But, sometimes the need arises to transfer files from one Google Drive to another domain. There are several reasons for migration and these may vary from user to user. Now, the question is how to migrate Google Drive to another Google Drive? Users can easily transfer Google Drive to another domain with the help of a smart and reliable solution i.e. Google Drive Migrator tool. Also, in this review, we will discuss all the essential features that makes this tool stand above others.

Google Drive Migrator

A Quick Overview of Google Drive Migrator Tool

Google Drive Migration tool is one of the best solutions that meet all users need. It is capable enough to transfer all data items like photos, PDFs, videos, audio files, doc files, excel files, etc., from Google Drive. Moreover, this software provides 4 options to perform migration i.e., Domain to Gmail, Gmail, to Domain, Domain to Domain, and Gmail to Gmail. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that even a novice user can use it without external knowledge.

Multiple Versions of Transfer Google Drive to Another Domain

You can try this Drive Migrator tool into two different versions i.e., Demo and Full version. As per your requirement, you can choose between them. Have a look at there details:

  • Free/ Demo Version: You can download the demo version of the tool from official website of the company only. Run the application on the local machine to understand the working completely. Still, there is a constraint of this tool is that it will export only 50 items into another account/ domain.
  • Full/ Licensed Version: The licensed version of this software lets you transfer all files from Google Drive to another domain. There is no such constraint of this tool, so one can buy this product from the official website and avail it all its perks without any hassle.

Noteworthy Features of Google Drive Migrator Tool

  • Move Google Drive Folder to Another Drive

The tool is designed to move Google Drive to another Google Drive efficiently. Users are allowed to copy multiple Google Drive storage at once to save valuable time. It can transfer multiple items, i.e., photos, PDFs, videos, audio files, doc files, etc., maintained in Google Drive. Further, in destination drive, it saves the exported data with current date of migration.

  • Option to Perform Incremental Migration

In the first attempt, Google Drive Migrator tool can transfer Google Drive to another domain or account. However, in the second attempt when you move data between same drives again, it will perform incremental migration. It simply means the data has once copied to Google Drive that will not be transferred next time.

  • Add Source and Destination User ID

Once you have selected the migration type within Google Drive Transfer software, you just add the source and destination user ID with three options offered by the tool:

  1. Add User: Enables to add a single user (source and destination ID) at once to transfer Google Drive files to another domain.
  2. Add CSV: It allows to add CSV file that contains multiple user IDs at a time to move multiple Google Drive files to another Google Drive in bulk.
  3. Remove User: It allows to remove already added source and destination user ID from the tool while moving files from Google Drive to another Google Drive.
  • Facility to Export Google Drive Storage

With the help of Google Drive migration tool, users can move data in two different ways:

  1. Admin Account: With this option, users can easily execute Domain to Domain migration. Before this, one needs to add source and destination admin ID and validate it first.
  2. Individual User Account: Through this option, users can perform three kinds of migration like Gmail to Gmail, Domain to Gmail, and Gmail to Domain migration. According to this, users have to enter username and password first for every account and authorize it.
  • Allows to Migrate All Permissions

The Google Drive Migrator tool offers file and folder permissions when moving Google Drive data to another Google Drive. It has potential to transfer all permissions, i.e., edit, comment, view when users need to perform Google Drive to Google Drive migration. Likewise it is files permissions or folder permissions, this application will move all of them in a proper way without any trouble.

  • Supports to Transfer Deleted Items

Another option to customize the migration process is to move all deleted items to another drive. Users just check this option, the software will move Trash folder from one G Drive to another. It does not preserve the folder hierarchy and copy the complete data to a single folder. Besides, to make it more visible, it will create a new folder with Trash name only.

  • Offers Date-based Filtering Option

In order to transfer files from Google Drive to another domain within a certain date range, try the date-range filter provided by the tool. Users can specify the date range in ‘To’ and ‘From’ the field, the software will move only that specified data from one G Drive to another. However, keep in mind that the tool supports only two filter types, i.e., Date on which a file is created and Date on which a file is uploaded.

  • Pause & Resume/ Stop Option

Once the export process begins, the Google Drive migration tool will show the progress report on the screen. Users are allowed to pause or resume the entire process in between in case of interruption. Besides, users can also stop the process in between. In this instance, only transferred files that were transferred from Google Drive to another domain before tapping stop icon can be moved.

Observation Verdict

Google Drive Migrator is a powerful utility, which allows to move files/ folders from G Drive to another drive. Furthermore, there is no risk of data loss associated with this application. Both technical or non-technical user can avail this tool due to its intuitive interface. After considering all features of Google Drive Migrator tool, it can be rated as 9.8 out of 10. It is a trustworthy approach that allows to transfer Google Drive to another domain in a seamless manner.

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