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Mac Outlook

Indeed, it becomes complicated when you must switch from one platform to another. And on top of that, you are not aware of the accurate procedure for accomplishing this task. Yes, we are pointing towards the query which users are encountering now a days, “how to import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?” This blog is confronting this problem and letting our users know the safe yet reliable ways to perform such conversions.

Mac Outlook

For your knowledge we can do this by applying two ways: First one is Manual and second is using third party tool to transfer Outlook email from Mac to Windows.

Why to Export Mac Outlook Data to Windows Outlook 2019 / 2016 / 2013 …?

Because many people are not acquainted with the reasons behind this conversion, so we are enlisting the most common ones down below here:

  • If you must share your Mac Outlook emails with the colleagues or customers who are using Outlook for Windows.
  • As such there are no straight ways available to open OLM file in Windows Outlook because Windows Outlook does not support .olm files.
  • In an organization Employees at different locations, are using Windows and Mac systems.

After mentioning enough reasons responsible for such conversion, we will let you know about the different ways to Import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Here we go!

Manual Procedure to Transfer Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook

Usually, people are more curious to know about manual way because that doesn’t include any cost. But manual methods are quite tedious process and some conditions and limitations are associated with it. Still, we will elaborate on free manual ways to import mail from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. Manually, you can transfer Outlook email from mac to windows only if it is configured with IMAP setting, and user needs to have one Gmail account as well. This process can be accomplished in 3 steps:

1st Step: Creation of a Gmail account with IMAP configuration.

IMAP helps in establishing an intermediate server between both the platforms Macintosh and Windows.

  1. First open your Gmail account. Then after click on Gear Icon appearing at right corner immediately above your mails >> click on Settings.
  2. Now you must select Forward & POP/IMAP under this opt for Enable IMAP status.
  3. Next, Select Label and Create new label, then after mention the name of Label then click on Create.

2nd Step: In Mac Outlook you need to configure your Gmail account

Run Mac Outlook, and then Select Tools >> Accounts >> Email Accounts >> Here enter your id and password. This step is for starting the process to Import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

3rd Step: Import Data from Mac Outlook to Gmail Account first

  1. Select the folder you want to move then Right-click on it. Then, click on the Move folder>> browse the name of the Folder >>click on the move button.
  2. This way, all the mailboxes and data items will be in sync.
  3. Finally, open the MS Outlook for Windows and configure Gmail in the same way as you did for Outlook for Mac. Now, you can move the copied data from your Gmail account to another id configured in Outlook for windows.

Note: Now your task has been completed successfully to import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook.

Our Preference is Automated Approach

In today’s scenario everyone is busy they have everything but time. So, we recommend to go for easy and quick way to export Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook. Here we are mentioning one such utility which is impeccable in all ways and complete our task in few clicks only. Name of this tool is Mac OLM Converter. However, to try this utility the data files of Outlook 2011, 2016 need to be exported into the OLM file first. As this software Converts OLM files into PST files.

Steps to be followed to transfer Outlook email from Mac to Windows

Step 1: After downloading Mac OLM Converter install it on your Machine.

Windows Outlook

Step 2: Browse OLM files you want to convert and then click on Add files or Add folder; in case these files are stored in a specific folder.

Import Mac Outlook

Step 3: Now choose Outlook PST option available in the default list.

How to Import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook?

Step 4: Include advanced filter options for having the specific Outlook PST files.

Outlook PST

Step 5: Finally, you can click on Export process to begin the conversion of data files from Outlook for Mac to Outlook for Windows.

Mac OLM Converter

Summing Up

We have tried to help those Mac users who search for query like “How to Import Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook” using this blog. Here, we have provided both possible ways to accomplish this task: Manual as well as professional one. So, User can make his mind as per his need and try any method to export Mac Outlook data to Windows Outlook in a hassle-free way.

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