QR Codes

Tips to Use QR Codes to Improve Online Conversion Rates

Ever since QR codes were introduced to the world, they have been praised as the best means to improve online conversion rates. They provide a solution for taking potential clients to the company website right away.

QR Codes

Besides, QR codes play an essential role in loyalty marketing of highly targeted products. However, most marketers are still not aware of how to use QR codes to improve online conversion rates. But this piece is about to give an illustrative explanation of how it can be done.

Note that before you get started, it is ideal that you understand the rules regarding the placement of the QR codes so that they get you enough conversion rates.

1. On Displays of Product Descriptions

The retail foods and automotive stores are yet to fully embrace the importance of the QR codes and their potential to make their business boom. It is possible to provide additional information on a certain product on display using the codes. Also, the codes can be used for critical information such as price comparison and customer reviews.

2. Use the Codes on Receipts

The codes are also ideal for any hospitality industry or restaurant so that customers can issue instant feedback regarding the quality of the service they received. Also, it is possible to provide customers with a discount on their next purchase. Most of the time, marketers use the QR codes to give an offer at the end of a survey, and they usually receive a tremendous increase in conversion rates.

3. Provide on Demand Demo Video

If your company specializes in producing demo videos, then you have a chance to improve performance if you use barcode C# open source. Many customers are always looking for demos on how they can use special items such as phones and other home appliances. For easy access to the demos, simply create a video and link it to a QR code for easy access.

4. Develop your Facebook Base

If you have a business Facebook page for your company, then QR code might come in handy. With this fantastic marketing tool, you can quickly direct your prospects from Facebook to your company website, and most of them will like you. Simply have the code placed everywhere that you think your potential clients might see it so that they scan in to see what your product is all about.

5. Use the Codes to Gather Reviews

Note that with reviews, your local SEO can be greatly impacted. Most search engines like to market websites with more positive reviews since they tend to be client-oriented. Fortunately, you can gather positive reviews on your Google page from clients when you let them scan the QR codes. Also, to succeed with this, make sure that your QR codes are everywhere, from placemats, doors, and other designed cards on the bills. It is essential to avail the codes anywhere that the customers will find them to leave a positive comment about their experience with your business.

6. QR codes to track and target by location

Another tip is using QR codes to target a customer by location, it is a great way to find out exactly where your customers are accessing your site from and to measure two things.

Firstly, if you have activated any targeted print media campaigns in a specific location within a city and you want to measure the effectiveness of the sites chosen for the print media. Whether it is flyers, posters, magazines or brochures, if you include a QR code, you can track the customer’s point of access by using the GPS location data recorded by the user as they scan the QR code – as long as the user grants access to their location at that point in time, which most will.

Secondly, the data collected helps you to identify which media type customers have responded to. For example, say you use outdoor advertising space. By using the data recorded at the point of scan, you can determine whether a poster in one location worked better than a flyer in the same place. This helps you to narrow down your target area and to focus on specific media that customers respond to in future brand activations.

7. Enhance Loyalty

Through loyalty, it is much easier to ask your clients to return to your business as frequently as possible. Remind them to check out your site by placing the QR code strategically on their way out. This is one of the best ways to communicate with many clients without having to approach them personally.


There is a lot to be achieved with QR codes. Some marketers also make it possible for clients to use the C# code to read Excel files. If you are looking to get savvy enough and keep set yourself as one of the best marketers, QR code is the way to go.

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