Tips for effective marketing on a budget

The high budget advertising does not guarantee increase in sales, as the key to effective marketing campaign does not lie in spending a lot of money, but lies in running a well planned and well thought out campaign. You need to provide relevant and quality content through your website or blog, to make it interesting for the consumers. This also helps in increasing the site’s visibility on the search engines. This is especially important when a company is in its launching phase or has just launched, as each disbursement and investment may well influence its future. Still the general rules of marketing for any corporation still have to be taken into the account, even if it has already established its name in the market, due to the competitive business times of today.


For dealing with the above mentioned situation, given below is a list of some useful tips:

1. Reach bloggers and influencers

Reach out to the bloggers and influencers in your relevant niche. In order to be successful, you need to interact with them on social networks. After that, you can ask for a favour. Read their blogs and leave comments. Show a little taste with a link to share your content and then contact them with anything you can offer worth sharing (for example, give them free products in exchange for a review).

2. Paid advertising

Contact Google and they will give you a free Adwords credit when you open an account (usually about 75 €).

3. Participate in social networks

Once you have enough followers (500 +), you can make a Tweetchat. This is one of the most effective ways for driving traffic to your website/blog.

4. Post on the forums

Participate in industry forums and Quora. Do not spam. Position yourself as a strong leader and others will take notice and follow you accordingly.

5. Plan a referral program

Your current customers are your best defenders, so do spread the word (“word-of-mouth”) and, in exchange for each new customer they bring in, reward them with incentives such as credits or discounts for their next purchase, updates, cards Gift, etc.

Note that according to a study of the European University of Frankfurt, the “word of mouth” campaign can increase the sales of an agency by 194%.

6. Content marketing

Content marketing is another crucial aspect of marketing. You need to contact relevant sites having a large number of readers and ask them for the permission to post your blogs on their blogs. However you need to stay away from the commercial sales pitch, and have to focus only on writing opinion pieces for concrete actions.

7. Make a Contest

Be creative and make a contest. If you offer a good prize or do something different and fun, it is likely to become viral.

8. Distribute an eBook

You can become an expert in your field by offering a free downloadable e-book in exchange for a consumer email. Then you can create a subscription list in MailChimp or Constant Contact to keep in touch with your consumers for the better marketing of your products.

9. Be a Guest Speaker

The conferences are always looking for guest speakers. Therefore, you need to look out for them, and if their requirements suit your target audience, you can present an application or volunteer to speak at the meetings of local events or even start your very own home networks.

10. Form strategic partnerships

Collaborates with other key people in your niche market.

11. Write a press release

Battle your way and reach out to journalists and bloggers, who are looking for interesting stories, to publish your story. Make your voice heard. Make yourself visible.

About Author: Frank Stalker is an excellent internet marketing expert. He has helped many small businesses with his effective internet marketing campaigns. He has also worked with many SEO organizations including Alex Miller SEO.


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