What are the Best Ways to Transfer Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

Transfer Emails

Would you like to know the best way to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook? If yes, this is the right place for you. This write-up provides you with complete information about your concern. Continue Reading!!

User Query-

“I’ve been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a long time, and my account saves a lot of important data such as emails, meetings, conversation tasks, and contacts. I remembered a few days ago, I supposed to take a Thunderbird account backup on my local machine. Since I know backup is the only alternative that helps in the event of disasters to recover crucial data. Due to many security reasons with Thunderbird, I want to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST.”

Transfer Emails

First, you should know about the need for the conversion.

Email migration is a boring task that requires large planning and more investment. In addition, with many mailboxes to be moved, chances of errors can often result in data loss. An organization must, therefore, ensure that it carries out the migration in the most secure, efficient and timely manner possible. But sometimes the Thunderbird email client crashes and the mailbox gets infected due to bugs, malware attacks or unexpected errors. Because errors can occur at any time, resulting in Thunderbird’s data loss or corruption. Microsoft Outlook, on the other hand, stores all its data in PST format.

Why is it necessary to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST?

One of the world’s well-known email clients is Mozilla Thunderbird, which thousands of users use. It has different features, such as multiple platforms, open-source, server address, lower cost, etc. Despite these fantastic features, Thunderbird has some limitations.

All the additional functionality needs to be installed by Thunderbird users, but it is a very extensive process. That’s why many users want to switch their Thunderbird configured accounts to Outlook. Likewise, Microsoft Outlook is a commonly used and versatile email client providing a range of robust features, such as contact management, social media access, etc., forcing users to switch from Thunderbird MBOX to PST(Outlook).

Reasons due to which Users Prefer Outlook over Thunderbird

In Thunderbird-

  • Lack of Data Security.
  • Task Management.
  • Missing of Calendar.
  • Not able to make rules.

In MS Outlook-

  • User- friendly.
  • Presence of Calendar feature.
  • Task management can be done easily.
  • Note creation.
  • Both IMAP and POP supported by Outlook.
  • High security.

Outlook has a lot of advantages over Thunderbird, as you see. That’s why users want to convert Thunderbird to Outlook PST. Now, let’s begin with the process of conversion.

How to Transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

Method 1: Through Gmail Account

You can perform these two-step procedures to convert Thunderbird to Outlook.

1. Steps to add Gmail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Initially, sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Hit on Gear icon >>open the Gmail settings.
  • Choose Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then Enable IMAP option.
  • Next, configure the IMAP account and hit on the Save Changes option.
  • Then run Thunderbird and enter the login credential of Thunderbird account & hit on the Continue button to open it.
  • Press the IMAP checkbox & enter all essential incoming and outgoing information. Hit on the Re-test button.
  • After filling all the information correctly, the task will be finished successfully. Then choose the Create a new Account option.
  • At last, to verify your Gmail account in Thunderbird you can open any email message.

2. Steps to configure Microsoft Outlook to Gmail Account

  • Open the File menu > hit Add Account button.
  • After that, a dialog box will appear, pick Server settings Manually or additional server types, and press Next.
  • Hit on Internet Email >> Next button to move further.
  • A dialog box appears next, enter the required details.
  • Next, for the IMAP mail account select the IMAP option from the Account Type option.
  • For Incoming and outgoing server type gmail.com and smtp.gmail.com respectively. Hit on More Settings.
  • Visit Outgoing Server and choose My Outgoing Server (SMTP).
  • Press on Use Same Settings as My Incoming Server option.
  • Then under the Incoming Server Port enter 993 port numbers.
  • Select the This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection option.
  • For outgoing server enter 587 port number & hit on OK button to exit the dialog box.
  • Click on the Test Account Setting option to check the account setting.
  • “Your account settings are correct” message appears next. After this hit on the Next button.
  • This way you can transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook easily.

Method 2: Through Drag-Drop Method

  • Initially, run the Mozilla Thunderbird program.
  • Then open the folder of messages you want to export Thunderbird to Outlook.
  • Depending on your requirements, you can choose either single or complete email.
  • Right-click on the messages you have selected and select the Save As option.
  • Use Select Folder now and export the message.
  • Then start the Microsoft Outlook program.
  • Visit the menu & select the New Folder option.
  • According to your choice give a name to the folder & hit on the OK button to create a new folder.
  • In this step, select the newly created folder & all the emails that you have exported from Thunderbird.
  • Hit and drag the selected emails to the middle pane of Microsoft Outlook.
  • At last, all the Thunderbird emails will be imported into Outlook.

Migrating emails is a complicated task for users who don’t learn the application techniques. In contrast, manual processes suffer from time-consuming and dangerous limitations. As manual methods are more complex, lengthier having a low speed of execution, no security of data, etc. so, don’t worry, try MBOX Converter tool to direct convert MBOX to PST for better understanding.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, we have explained all the possible manual measures to transfer emails from Thunderbird to Outlook. But these manual methods may have several errors that lead to data loss. So, to overcome the drawbacks of this manual method, you can use MBOX Converter to quickly convert MBOX files from Thunderbird to Outlook PST. Hopefully, you will find all the desired solutions to your concern by this blog.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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