5 Best Penny Stock Trading Apps for iOS

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The trading world has undergone a tremendous amount of change recently. What was once unreachable by an Average Joe, can nowadays be done even as a part-time job. How is this possible? Well, the Internet, of course.

5 Best Penny Stock Trading Apps for iOS

The development of the online world has injected a ton of benefits into our daily lives, not sparing even their professional aspects. Trading can now easily be done from the comfort of your own home, over platforms such as Forex, Binary Options or Penny Stocks.

Usually incorporating cheap stocks, many have decided to sail into the seas of the last mentioned category. The Internet, however, has done some good the the world by means of apps, and penny stock apps are no exception. Here are some of the top trading iOS apps for this platform, available out there.

TD Ameritrade Mobile

This app allows you to access and control your account, no matter where you are. Essentials such as equity and options trading, real-time balances and positions, streaming quotes, fund transfers, news and research are all available on your Apple device.

TD Ameritrade boasts a 24/7 customer service, advanced trade platforms, as well as real-time steaming quotes. The downside to it, however, lies in the fact that is quite pricey, charging a flat rate of as much as $9.99 per trade, with additional $.75 per contract.

Stock Twits

This app brings together investors from all over the world, who want to make profits on the famous Wall Street. Stock Twits enables users to gather ideas from others in real time. Videos, view charts, as well as market news of highest quality are all included here. This app offers quick insight, updates, sentiment and analysis from a vast array of real investors and traders, for your convenience.


This clever app allows you to trade stocks, options, currency and futures seamlessly, while monitoring the market and simulating trades. Other tweaking options are available, such as customizing your trading, using the advanced order editor, tracking and modifying pending orders, managing positions, viewing risk and performance metrics, even the option of live, streaming audio is available.


This fast-paced app is quite unforgiving from the very beginning. However, this renders it more applicable for professional use. Additionally, this company makes sure that you are rewarded well, from both financial, as well as intellectual standpoints.

If you come up with creative ideas and push the boundaries of your role, the achievements in store for you are almost virtually without a limit. The only downside here seems to be that it isn’t quite beginner-friendly, seeing as how it suffers from quite a steep learning curve.

Stock Wars

If you’re looking for a quality practice app, this one will be perfect for your iOS. Using Stock Wars, you can test out new strategies before applying them to the real-time market.

The best part here is the fact that it creates an environment as close to the real life trading experience, offering real-time urgency. If you want to try yourself out at trading, use this app after consulting this guide for penny stock trading.


This app uses maps in color to mark the top stocks with regards to sectors, in order to provide you with a general insight into how things are going on the market. Free and quite convenient, this one is a quintessential tool for any aspiring trader.

If you are looking for apps which are perfect tools for you as a practicing, or an aspiring trader and own an Apple device, you should look into at least some of the mentioned.

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