Key Points to Remember for Making your Websites SEO Friendly

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With the evolution of several internet technologies, the task of designing and setting up a website has become relatively easy. Each day several businesses go online, and there are thousands of websites getting registered on the internet daily. For a particular niche or keyword, there exists thousands of website. So, how will your business website get noticed amid the bottleneck competition for online promotion? The answer is simple; you can opt for professional Search Engine Optimization or SEO Services. Companies, which provide SEO Services in Canada, say that SEO services help in promoting a website online, based on the targeted keywords. Before opting for professional services, one can follow a few basic points to make the websites SEO friendly.

Website SEO Friendly

Website SEO Friendly

Here are a few key points, which will help you in making your website SEO friendly. By following them, you will not require heavy investment on SEO Services. They are as follows.

Start with proper keyword research

Many website makers are known to create exquisite website, but are unable to focus on the proper keywords for spreading the message. Any Web developer in Canada, who has done website designing, says that designs speak loudly, only when they are accompanied by proper keywords. Your website design will be rendered useless if your website is not unable to focus on proper keywords. Do thorough keyword research, and after selecting the keywords, design the website based on the keyword niche.

Adopt a relevant title

The first piece of content, which gets indexed by the search engine crawlers, is the ‘Title’. If your website does not have a relevant title, then it will not get indexed properly. Like Keyword research, do research of the business and then plan a particular Title according to it. Title of the website should be based on the combination of keywords, and should be diversified to inculcate all relevant business keywords. Experts providing SEO Services in Canada say that popular search engines like Google, give high importance to titles of pages. Your title should give a brief description of the page it stands for.

Have good content

Nothing promotes a website more than attractive and fascinating content. The content posted on the website should be impeccable with respect to grammar, and should not be plagiarized. Duplicate Content and thin content heavily tax the websites and are malefic in regards to their search engine rankings. Any Web Developer in Toronto, which designs good websites, will always suggest the use of unique and relevant content, crafted in reference to the website designs. Google has been known to have good language crawlers, which index the content and then rate it for relevancy. Only websites with relevant content are able to secure higher rankings.

Maintain optimum keyword density

If you want the Web crawlers to index the page in a better way, then it should have sufficient keyword density. The keywords, which you want to focus for SEO, should be placed carefully in the entire page and should be repeated several times. Keyword density defines the number of times a particular is repeated, and 1 to 2% is the average keyword density required for a particular page. Any Web Developer in Canada, who has knowledge of SEO based web designing, will say that keyword density plays a vital role in good web-designing. This is because several inline designing parameters are known to include keywords.

Use of ‘H’ tags

Any Web Developer in Toronto will readily say that the html tag ‘H’ plays a significant role in making the website SEO friendly. ‘H’ tags are readily used for presenting sub titles within the content, and play an important role in emphasizing particular line or content. A piece of headline or the product title can be readily named using the ‘H’ tags, and search engines will put higher emphasis on indexing it. Appropriate distribution of H1, H2 and H3 tags, segments the content properly, and makes it SEO friendly.

Properly craft the meta description and meta keywords section

This section should be present on the main pages of the website, starting with the homepage. This data help the web crawlers in properly indexing the website. The Meta data should be able to give a short description of your website, and the content appears in the search results of search engines in the form of excerpts. By carefully drafting this content, one will secure proper indexing and right SEO ranking.

Use ‘alt’ attribute for images

Search engines are not able to index images as they are not text-based. For describing the images, in a better way, the ‘alt’ tag is used. One can give a simple description of images in the alt tag. However, the description should be short and limited to 1 or 2 words only. Companies, which provide SEO Services in Canada, are known to use the alt tag for placing keywords within the website efficiently.

Keep your graphics light

Avoid using heavy images and graphics as they will increase the page load time of your website. Search engines heavily tax slow loading website, and using light images will decrease the page load time. Any Web developer in Canada will say that use of low memory images is important in making website SEO friendly.

Author Bio: I am Tony Tailor. I am working with the CGmentor Inc. We provide Web developer in Canada. I have completed my Graduation in Computer Application. My interests are writing and listening music.

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