How to Store and Protect Valuable Business Data?

We live in the age where technology and information reign supreme. They shape how we live, consume content and do business. Countless companies have prospered in this brave new world, but there is a sinister dark side to the information economy. Security breaches and hacker attacks make headlines, and many companies endured substantial expenses and…… Read More »

Social Video

Infographic: 3 ways Social Video Marketing can Propel your Brand

Social video marketing is a digital marketing technique, which involves catching the attention of potential clients and boosting sales using a video clip. Unlike other viral videos across the internet, the goal and target of a social video marketing is not to get high number of views or shares, but to get a good number…… Read More »

Road Trips

Best iOS Apps for Enhancing Your Road Trips

How often do you plan road trips with family or friends? Often right? Planning a road trip requires careful preparation of everything that may come in handy during the trip. Trip map, road guide, fuel check and car maintenance that could last for the entire trip period. But sometimes, there is a lack of preparation…… Read More »