3 Reasons Why Women Should Be Excited About AI

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has proved itself useful for almost every sphere of our lives. And it has a great concern about the possible white bias and the patriarchy of the looming AI world.

1. Women Are More Averse Towards Innovation

Research has shown that women are much more skeptical and averse to innovation in comparison to the men who embrace and accomplish it.

The fear of technological advancement among women is mostly because of the fact that society often thinks that the role of women can be replaced by AI in the future. Yes, you hear me right! AI which is often seen in the form of women robots and female personal assistants like Alexa and Cortana are making women believe the fact that soon many of their job areas will be automated by AI.

If all the processes are going to be automated and robot controlling then we need to make sure the fact those algorithms benefit every individual whether an Afro-American, Chinese woman or man.

2. 85% Machine Efficient People Are Men

According to the statistics, almost 85% of the machine learning force consists of males. Thus recognizing the possibility of embedded programmer’s standards and ethics we might end up in a machine-dominated world of historically “Privileged class” system.

This logic might get ourselves in the world where autonomous driving and judicial system are inclined towards preferring one kind of human beings because of the programmed ethics within. It also will make us wake up in the world of intelligent sex dolls and seductive female AI assistants making the real concept of women all vague. A real woman will be considered irrelevant due to the automated systems and the decline of family values.

3. According to World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum stated that women are more employed in the jobs which are soon to be replaced by automated systems.

  • 73% of cashiers are women
  • And it is expected that 97% of cashiers will lose jobs because of the coming automation systems.

Well, the above facts are just about cashiers but many other areas are going to be automated which is going to make a lot of people jobless.

Everything mentioned above makes total sense and if technology keeps on advancing at the same pace I fear this might will happen. Will AI obsolete the presence of women? Can AI be racist, sexist and unfriendly towards women? Can AI be biased per se?

Should Be More Focused Towards the Fact Which Profession Is Going to Flourish

The statistics shown above are mainly targeting women, but there are a whole lot of other sets which shows that several professions dominated by men are going to be automated in the near future. Which is going to be far more than that of the women? Right now we shouldn’t be focused on the fact that which professions are going to be obsolete in the near future but towards the fact that which professions are going to flourish in the near future.

Here Are the Perspectives for The Women Which Looks as Bright as Never Before

Patience, empathy, multitasking, collaboration, and intuition are something women contain by default. And these things are going to be much needed with the prominence of automated systems.

I’d say that these following three subset qualities will become crucial necessities in the machine age:

  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration


The machines can already create unique art and music pieces for us but they are not developed to contain passion and emotional intelligence. And we all know this for a fact that its passion and ambition that made the homo-sapiens this successful. Women seem to be taking more managerial positions than men and they will be getting equal opportunities and avenues to showcase their innovation in the machine age.


According to the UK National statistics, women are currently dominating the employment within the caring and leisure occupations. With the growing population and advancement, women are essential for nurses, caregivers, and psychologists etc. than they ever were.


It is the collaboration and cooperation that distinguish us from the tribal structure of the animal kingdom. While men are more competition has driven and victory oriented whereas women are likely to look for mutual benefit and a peaceful collaboration. The whole world business and other affairs work with the trust system and women are mastered in it.

The women’s natural tendency of self-presentation and creation of an easy environment are likely to push them towards politics and international relations management.

Last Lines

So yes as long as human beings are alive on this mighty planet no technology can replace the status of women. Men and women both are required to nurture the genuine human features to grow and prosper.

Vaibhav S
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