8 Tips How To Make Your Blog Popular

Blog Popular

Having a lively blog makes it very simple to share your ideas. You will be able to publish your articles and blog posts online and unfold your thoughts and messages wide. However, writing may be an easy task for you but making people aware of your blog and make your blog popular is totally different ball game.

Blog Popular

This article is for those who are just about to join the team of bloggers or understands that the sky is no limit. You are going to find your audience and make your blog popular throughout the world.

1. Become a source of unique information


The reader always lacks unique and original content. There are many repetitions on the Internet: hundreds of times rewritten same texts, the same thoughts spoken in dozens of documents. Sometimes almost literally. And you, for sure, can tell about something unique and your personal experience is not similar to the experience of other people. For example, you are interested in a particular narrow topic (for example, homeschooling, children’s camps, or homemade ice cream recipes), but all the texts you’ve come across seem to be insufficiently detailed, shallow, or even empty. Once you are sure that your words will not be just a repetition of truths already beaten on the Internet, feel free to start a blog and it will make your blog popular.

2. Talk about personal


A blog is your platform for presenting your opinion. It is your personal Hyde Park, your office, your parliamentary tribune. The reader of the blog expects from you not only facts but also your opinion – your experiences, doubts, beliefs, fears. Any thesis, any advice will sound brighter and will be remembered better if a personal story supports it.

3. Make your blog issue-related


Your blog may become popular, and perhaps even the primary source of information on a particular topic. If you, for example, are passionate about the issue of gender stereotypes in the upbringing of children, then your blog may contain reasoning and notes on this topic, news, personal stories, photos and materials of other genres. If the reader understands what to expect from your blog, he will return there again and again and it will make your blog popular. If you feel the strength and desire to write about a variety of things, think about how your blog may differ from others — for example, sharpness and unchanging irony. Then the reader will come to you, not for a specific topic, but your author’s style.

4. Define who your reader is


It is essential to understand who reads you. It will give a clearer idea of ??what you are writing about and in which direction you should move on. Do not take this advice as an appeal to sag: it’s about different people who like different texts. On the subject of school canteens with students and with the city administration, you will most likely speak in different ways. Think of what books and articles your reader has already read. What terms and surnames are familiar to him, and which – it is better to clarify. The desire to please everything entirely is a dangerous trap. You can lose one part of the readers and never find another.

5. Make text easy to read


No matter how attractive your text may be, some things can completely discourage the desire to read it. Here are the main problems:

  • Illiteracy. Sometimes even high-quality version with brilliant ideas can irritate the reader if there are too many errors. We do not call for spelling and punctuation fanaticism, but once again check the text before publication does not hurt anyone.
  • Wrong title. The title should be as informative as possible, but at the same time capacious, concisely reflect the essence of the notes, and most importantly – “cling.” The reader will never know what you wrote inside if the title does not attract attention. Be bold, provoke, do not be afraid to play with words. But do not replay. Never allow the heading to be inconsistent with the content of the text. Do not be fooled by your reader. Once you make such a mistake, you risk losing his trust forever.
  • Long sentences. Usually, bloggers are advised not to imitate Leo Tolstoy’s canonical one in this regard, but we’re original and suggest at least not trying to repeat the experience of Viktor Pelevin’s Water Tower (the story written in one sentence – Ed.).
  • Lack of structure. The text should not come up to the reader with one huge hopeless mass. Break it into blocks, chapters, paragraphs, make up names for them (or at least separate them from each other), break them with photos and pictures.


  • Abuse of dots, exclamation marks, and question marks. In the first case, you will show inappropriate meaning, in the second and third – you risk to appear overly enthusiastic and emotional.

6. Reply to comments


A blog, the author of which does not react to its readership in any way, seems abandoned and inanimate, even if it is updated regularly. Blog implies the personal presence of the author. Besides, communication with readers will not only encourage them to look more often to you but may also inspire you with fresh ideas which will make your blog popular.

7. Write your articles in response to other people’s texts


If the text of another author seemed outrageous to you, deceitful or, on the contrary, absolutely correct, if some note or news caused you to have emotions and a desire to answer it, then do not deny yourself such pleasure. To do this, you have your blog popular. Responding to a fresh article or commenting on important news, you are in the current agenda, and it always contributes to the growth of your audience.

8. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid


Do not be afraid that someone will question your right to speak, because it implies the very idea of ??creating a blogging platform. Of course, someone may not agree with you, and this is entirely normal. If entirely everyone agrees with you, it most likely means that you wrote a brilliant text or not a lot of people read you.

Do not be afraid to publish under your name. If you are in trouble with conscience and write sincerely, there is no apparent reason not to indicate your name under your thoughts.

Do not be afraid that a blog may take you too much time. First, when you start a blog, you do not sign a terminated agreement with anyone. Any author has different periods in the works, and this is normal. And secondly, you sometimes cannot imagine how useful (and enjoyable) blogging can be for you.

Final Thoughts

Blogging is really not a short-run thing; you really have to be compelled to be in it for the long-term if you wish to make an outsize of readers. Keep publishing fresh new content time to time and accept guest submissions. Also keep working to build your blogging network by making friends and link partners. As your blog ages, you will be able to see your blog popular and it gains trust from the search engines more and more.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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