9 Ways to Increase Likes On Instagram without any Applications

Instagram Likes

How to multiply likes on Instagram without apps and coins? Instagram is already owned by a variety of people, ranging from young people to adults.

Apart from that, all you want to add to like each post but do not know-how.

Instagram Likes


Now on this occasion, I want to share my valuable experience in how to get lots of likes on Instagram without applications.

Auto like application will worsen the security of your Instagram account, your account might even be taken over by the creator of the auto likes, and as a result, you don’t get many likes on Instagram.

How to auto like Instagram and Hashtag now less efficient because it requires a rather long time.

Well, even dangerous, right? Therefore, I will share how to get real Instagram followers and likes without a password so that your photo fans will increase and you posts will start getting more engagements.

How to get lots of likes on Instagram for free?


This technique I usually use when I’m uploading photos on Instagram because the method I use is very accurate if you apply it in your account.

1. Use a Hashtag (#)

Using hashtags will affect many people who like your uploaded photos.

The nature of this hashtag will display a photo of your upload to all hashtags that you provide in your photo captions.

Using hashtags will get thousands of likes on Instagram, the proof is that there are lots of hashtags scattered every day that you can sample for your latest photos.

This hashtag can only be written in the description of the picture 20 times, and if you want more than that, then you should use the hashtag in the comments.

2. Adjust Passion

Passion or what we often call expertise in certain areas, now you can do to get spam like on Instagram.

If your desire is related to travel, it’s easy enough to add likes on Instagram without an application, why? Because Indonesians love the beautiful natural beauty.

For example, you want to like it a lot, but you can only upload selfies, so that’s what causes not many likes, why?

Because people prefer the name of the current trends, not today’s selfie photos.

3. Promotion Using Business Profiles

Instagram business profiles are already many online businesses that use them.

Therefore, you should try it if you want to add a photo like on social media Instagram. Business account usually have more follower in a large quantity. If you get your account featured on that business profiles, you will get more profile visits which may result into their conversion to your followers.

But you must be able to pay a fee as a guarantee that uploaded photos will get a lot of likes.

Some promotions don’t involve money or are free for the cost of adding likes.

4. Follow Popular Photos to Like Many Instagram

Copying celebrity photo styles will also add to your likes. If you don’t want to be called Alay, you try to photograph a scene, tourist attraction or something that is popular now, for example, new tours, delicious food, and so on.

Sometimes you forget that the photos that are popular on social media are just an illusion or editing.

So don’t copy their style that is too extreme and dangerous for your body. Instead of wanting to get lots of likes, but instead, it impacts your loss of life.

By following a feed that is currently popular, you can apply how to get thousands of Instagram likes.

5. How to Increase likes on Instagram for free by uploading photos in Casual Hours

Uploading a photo does not take into account time, so it will affect the few people who like it. But uploading a photo on an optimal time when most of the users across Instagram are online.

Upload photos at 7 a.m., 2 p.m., 4 p.m., and 7 p.m. These clocks have the true potential of many active users. These timing are stated as general timings for posting on Instagram across the web. But you can explore and analyze timings according your region to get more engagements.

6. Instagram Likes Via Photos with Idol Artists

Now how to like Instagram automatically without this one application will also add so many likes in the upload photo at that time.

Photos with artists will increase likes and reactions to Instagram netizens.

One of them took a picture with a rising artist; it’s your golden opportunity to raise Instagram.

7. Don’t upload photos during Saturday night

Well, this one is sure you often do, right? That’s because many people on Saturdays aren’t busy in the real world.

But make no mistake, even Saturday night, there is rarely anyone who likes your photos because Instagram users tend to teenagers. Teenagers always go out at night when Maiming arrives.

8. Interact with friends on Instagram

Interacting with other Instagram users will also affect how much you like it.

By interacting, you will establish a bond of friendship with the person you want to interact with. As a result of your interaction with them, they will also interact with your posts and stories and like them as well.

Interact trivially, for example, commenting on your friend’s photo.

9. Like Instagram Many with Mark friends

Tagging friends in your photos will increase so many likes.

Even more so, if you mark Instagram accounts that are already popular, such as Instagram, Unsteadily, Instaload, and so on.

Tips for Choosing Instagram hashtags for Many Likes

This hashtag is often associated with hashtags because that means the same thing.

Choosing hashtags shouldn’t be arbitrary, because choosing hashtags will maximize like Instagram.

Especially for those who like to sell goods on Instagram, optimizing hashtags for marketing needs to be done.

Try to adjust to your Instagram feed, if the theme of natural beauty means using the hashtag for one subject as well.

Over to you! Do you find it hard to grow your Instagram organically? Let us know what tactics you use!

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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