8 Tips for Better Instagram Marketing for Business

Instagram Marketing

If you don’t have a presence on Instagram these days, we have got some reasons for you to be there. If you are selling any kind of physical product, have a store, or want people to be aware of your brand, Instagram is the right place for you to land. If you are an individual and want to get fame, photo-sharing app like Instagram is better for you. Go and get it!

Instagram Marketing

Before moving on, let me introduce to Instagram. Some of you may be new to Instagram. Nowadays, Instagram is one of largest social media platforms as it has 500 million daily and 1.5B monthly active users. In simple, this social network is much popular to ignore.

Here we go with some tips for better Instagram marketing for one’s business. Follow these steps to make sure of your success on this vital social network.

1. Understanding your Audience

It is the most important and time-consuming step for better Instagram marketing. It’s critical but it is a step that navigates you towards the right audience for you. If you are not well aware of your audience, your content is useless. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the content you are producing. Whether you produce the most beautiful content in the world but if it’s not appealing your audience you are wasting both of your time and money.

Instagram Insights

You must hear of Facebook insights. Instagram insights are something that resembles insights of Facebook. Insights give you the performance of your Instagram account in a specific piece of time. Facebook introduced this tool to help the users of that photo-sharing network as this tool is helping Facebook users.

Here is something to tell you about what these terms indicate:

Impressions: Views on your content.

Reach Number: of accounts that view your specific content.

Website Clicks: it is how many users clicked on your given link.

Follower Activity: When your followers are active on Instagram.

Video Views: Number of views on your video content.

Saves: Number of your pots save by the users.

2. Talk with them (Your Audience)

Social Media Marketing doesn’t mean spamming your sales material and marketing your business. SMM is referred to as engaging with your audience following on social networks.

Nowadays, some brands are going that way, they are just spamming their following with their offers and sales content. If your audience is following you it doesn’t mean they are always ready to see your promotional or sales content.

Keep posting entertaining content that may bring smiles on your following faces. It makes your audience feel you are human agency and cooperative. Build your trust in your audience in this way. Don’t just sell them, entertain them.

“Share their Images with credits”

Just getting new Instagram followers isn’t enough, keep them hold is tough. That simply means you need to appreciate them for being there. They post content too.

 If you find their content interesting and helpful, you should share their content with credits to appreciate them. In this way, you’ll build a community of your followers and your followers will engage with you more just to get appreciation.

“Hold contests”

People love the chance to compete with others. You can hold contests to ask them to engage. You must be going through such a competition. Did you? If your answer is no, I am going to tell you for an instance.

Ask followers to caption the images

Ask them about the images like “How this image makes you feel”.

3. Make use of Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are the signboards that categorize your posts, photos, and videos on any social network and navigates the right audience towards your post if used correctly. Hashtags can make a huge difference in your posts and accounts.

Here are some of those tips for hashtags best practices:

  • Do not go crazy: five worthy hashtags can be better than 25 randomly chosen.
  • Avoid over-used tags: adding #love or #instagood is as good as worthless.
  • Do not spam: try to keep them related to the image.

General Hashtags

These are hashtags that whoever might use, dependent on the content of the image. “#Sunset” springs in your thoughts, as do “#food” and “#wine.” But frankly, these examples can be so broad that it could be difficult to get noticed with them.

Branded Hashtags

If you are starting an Instagram campaign, a branded hashtag is essential. This applies to demanding situations, influencer listening or new service launches.

4. Know the best time to post

It is another important step for better Instagram marketing. A newly released poll revealed that the optimum time to post on Instagram is from 7 pm to 9 pm. So that is easy – now post all the photos then!

In case it seems too simple, it is because it is really simple. You must not just depend on some polls – your audience is not necessarily engaged when those users are. Instead, try to look for the best times to post only for your interested people, when you believe they are listening.

  • Aim for non-work hours like lunch and evenings
  • Weekends if you are a B2C company
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays appear to be perfect for the engagement
  • 3-4 pm is mostly the worst time

5. Create beautiful visuals

Posting awesome content is always crucial for social networking. It is what makes your followers connect with your company, and helps to keep them returning for more.

On other social media sites, this means sharing links, posting appealing articles, and initiating conversations. The complete network was established to let people share their pictures.

This is especially valid if you are selling your products or service online. As stated by one study, 93% of choices in the shopping process are dependent on appearance. So, good images are necessary.

To ensure you get ideas, here are 6 content types that really work,

  • User-generated content
  • Behind the scenes
  • Creative solutions to problems (by using your products)
  • Influencer content
  • Contests and free gifts

6. Work together with influencers and other Brands

Influencers are nowadays the industry’s very important persons, and their every word goes a great distance with buyers. Whether you are trying to make your Instagram presence or generate leads, their recommendation is exactly what we need.

To do that, you first need to recognize the right people for your industry.

Good influencers should always:

  • Have a great audience (followers count)
  • Be expressive and visible in the industry
  • Have a record of influencing their followers’ judgments

Basically, they actually should be significant. Just owning a huge following just isn’t enough.

You might need to pay

With time, Instagram has turned into a fine-tuned influencer marketing platform. While it will cost you serious money to promote your brand through influencers

Time to jump into Instagram marketing

These were 8 great tips for Instagram marketing – and too many words – to make Instagram work more effectively for your brand. Now it is just an opportunity to put them to make use of.

Even if you only want the highlights, grab our tips in simple steps making a to-do-list.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.
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