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Infographic: Use Instagram Stories to Showcase Your Product

Have you been using Instagram Stories to promote your business? Or you’re not even sure what Instagram Stories are? Don’t feel too bad if you haven’t started yet. There is so much information about social media all over the place that no one really seems to be able to get a handle on all of […]

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Harness the Power of Instagram to Give Your Business a Boost

If you are using social media platforms for business promotional purposes, you should not miss out the opportunity for the same with Instagram for your business purposes. This social media platform is lesser known than Twitter and Facebook, but it is getting popular at a rapid pace. The young generation of people mostly like Instagram, […]

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Using Your Instagram Account for Web Design Inspiration

Is your online business struggling? Most likely you are still using your old website despite the fact that the internet marketplace is a fast paced environment. Your website might have served the purpose a few years back but today, you have to keep tweaking the web design to ensure it perfectly blends aesthetics and functionality. […]

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Instagram Features you Should Maximize

In today’s fast-paced world, social media giants such as Instagram, are continuing to keep up by constantly improving and adding features to their service. If you want to maximize your Instagram account, you should be updated on its latest features, especially if you want to build a better profile for your business. Hence, we’ve gathered […]

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Small Businesses and Instagram

It is a common fact that most small businesses fail within the first two years because they cannot generate enough income to keep them afloat. One main problem is there is usually not enough time and effort spent on marketing campaigns. Money can also be a problem for a small business that is just starting […]

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How to Take Great Photos on an Android Phone with Instagram

Android phone comes with Instagram already set at advanced settings, which you don’t really need, so you should really turn those off. You can do this by going to menu and then profile and that’s where you can change the advanced settings to standard. Your phone in conjunction with Instagram already has some great ways […]