Best Marketing Strategies to Build a Brand for Small Businesses

Marketing Strategies

The old marketing strategies of sending brochures and cold calling are dying now! Today is the world of online shopping where 80-90% of customers opt to purchase online rather than offline.

Marketing Strategies

People love to shop in their pyjamas online!

It’s comparatively easy for an already established business to be a brand name but what about small or novice businesses? How are they going to build up a strong online presence? Which marketing strategies should they adapt to skyrocket the sales?

Marketing of the products or business branding should be done in a way that prospects crave for it after seeing online and makes it impossible for them to miss the conversion.

We know small business is under the pressure of being a brand with a limited budget and this has somewhat marred their marketing success.

Marketing your small business is not just an event but a detailed process where you need to strategize marketing goals and implement them.

It is the essence of effective planning and building blocks and no magic bullet resulting in hundreds of billions.

The ultimate goal should be to reach the right customer base. Look out for the competitors in your niche and their strategy of marketing. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy that ever exists, but a business owner should know their own business in and out.

Let’s read further to know which digital marketing strategies mentioned below would work for you.

1. Facebook Advertising

Small Businesses

As rightly said, “ If you understand how the real world feels and looks and sounds like, it is much easier to create a virtual version of the real world” – John Dykstra

Used by two million businesses, Facebook Ads are an effective way to market your product to the virtual audience.

Isn’t it an amazing tactic to target only a specific audience who is interested in your product based on location, age, sex and more? You just have to be more creative and buckle up some catchy headlines to post your next eye-catching Facebook ad.

Few other reasons for picking up Facebook ads are listed here.

2. Google My Business(GMB)

The jack of all trades strategy is getting your business being listed in the GMB listing. It is the most powerful strategy available for any size business in the industry.

We will explain you with an example: Suppose if someone searches for “Restaurant Near Me” what you see as a result are the Google My Business listings. It combines all your platforms at one place including your Google Profile, Maps, reviews etc.

If you are able to rank yourself in the top three results, you will outshine every other competitor in your niche and can pull a large amount of traffic. It gives credibility as well as visibility like ever before.

3. Content Marketing


The success of selling stories through your content is overwhelming. 18% believe that content has a prominent commercial influence on their businesses.

Content marketing yields long term results, you may feel the initial output as a low ROI but in long-run, it results in sustainable business growth.  You need to check every nook and corner of the content and get every element in place.

You need to include Quality contents, Relevant topics, SEO optimized contents, Unique and consistent content for considering this strategy as your marketing fortune.

4. Organic Social Media

People believe that you almost don’t exist if they can’t find you over any of the social media platforms. Presence on social media channels are considered to be the solicit proof and 67% of users use social media for any query encountered.

Managing social media accounts involves some real efforts. So strategize how much time and resources you want to invest behind growing organic social media growth.

5. Coupon Deal sites

Giveaways result in some real conversions. You can design a coupon giveaway strategy to promote your business. Many coupon deal sites cover a massive range of audiences which then further allow offering special discounts to local or national members.

This practice is a cost-effective one which gives your business a humongous exposure and an influx of new customers.

This strategy doesn’t work if you have a low-profit-margin because the ultimate purpose behind such coupon deal sites is not sales but being popular.

This strategy is the catch 22 of marketing because it may drive a huge amount of traffic beyond your expectations and if you fail to offer them the best, you may face a hard time. So be prepared and do your math correctly.

6. Email Marketing

Build a Brand

Email marketing can get you leads and is the highest converting channel for interaction. It’s always a good practice offering your visitor something in return for their email address exchange.

Give them a compelling reason to visit your website and make a purchase there. You can offer your customer base a free-digital download, free service trail, a membership coupon or even perform a survey.

Once the visitor is in your hands, its all on you how to articulate them and display your authority and credibility.

Email marketing if applied correctly has the potential to reach a global customer base and you can provide a piece of valuable information to your customers.

Brand Building finally!

Some other  marketing strategies that can be a sure shot to success for your business  and brand build are:

  • Link building;
  • Influencer marketing;
  • Referrals and Partnerships;
  • Promoting free consultation;
  • Conducting webinars;

Now that’s the scoop of strategies for your small scale business which will mould the path of success. We are sure any one of the above would be floating in your head which may turn a golden egg for future.

You need to have patience as it is not a day’s task, it may take months to build your business as a brand.

It is the right time for you to implement cutting-edge marketing strategies or tactics and build your own road map. Some of the strategies might give you a kick start and pours in more traffic but for others, you might have to wait long.

By the way, many congratulations to you and your team for starting up a new business! Hope this was helpful to you anyways.

Myself, Vaibhav S is a Founder and Editor-in-Chief of TechnoGiants, working Software Professional, and an avid lover of Software's and Web Services. I love computers and also love to write and share about Tech-related Stuff, Computers etc with others.

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